Sun Joe Walk Behind Garden Vacuum

Sun Joe Walk Behind Garden Vacuum

Can it handle acorns?

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No, not according to the questions and answers from Amazon’s page for it.

Dang, Is there a machine that actually sucks up acorns?


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According to the description on this website…yes.

It you can catch them, yes. Might damage the bag, though. Seemed to be a few complaints about the bag being torn easily.

Seems like the ideal thing to get all that dirt out of my garden.
Everywhere I look is dirt dirt dirt!


Could this be used to vacuum an artificial turf?

You need a nut roller for small nuts. It’s manual but it picks them up pretty well just rolling it along

Sounds painful.


Video says 150 mph, description says 165 mph. Twice. Which is it?

Artificially, yes…