Sun of Kabuki



Thats different… Still debating if should get one.


this may be the coolest one thus far… besides the video game controller ones…


Why is it off to the side of the shirt? Am I the only one who finds that weird?


me likes! me buys! Woo hoo first shirt.woot purchaser of the night!


Im in for one, thanks Woot!


They should have put the design on the back of the shirt in the middle.


Can’t you demonstrate your “we can print anywhere” goodness with a better design woot?


Agreed completely, then you wont have to look at how hideous it is while you’re wearing it :slight_smile:


I like the off-center thing, but I’m really not digging the design at all. Thanks but no thanks.


Looks as though someone down at the ol’ Woot shirt factory sent a batch of blank shirts through the machine sideways. What are you drinking down there?


me hates! me pass!


Did anyone else think of this when first viewing?

If you did, I bet you’re in for one like me! Red would have rocked though, or white. Needs to be more Japaney. Japaney? Is that a word?


Ha, no chance. Screams, “Look at me, I wear my t-shirt designs in unusual ways! Aren’t I trendy?”


like the design
don’t like placement
won’t buy


and since when has shirt.woot had anything traditional?


condition: Off-Kilter

This is rather new. Is the logo on the sides… that’s why there’s 2 images that we see?


I’m on the fence, too. Can’t decide whether or not I like its bizarreness. The design alone is a little weird, but putting it directly on the side and towards the bottom is pretty unusual. Wouldn’t the shirt’s seam run straight down the middle of the screen print, essentially putting a line through it? I guess it wouldn’t matter if your arm’s blocking it most of the time.

I guess I shouldn’t buy it if I’m not completely sold on the idea.


Nice to see the design on the side. not hyper about the designers color choice though.
Pass for the evening.


I like this design! Does anyone know how a women’s medium fits? I don’t want it loose on me, but I don’t want the up the armpits feeling, either.