Sun Wukong (The Monkey King)

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

it’s the forbidden t-shirt

Grats on placing first, Travis! WTG

cool design, congrats to the artist, but would be cooler if the monkey was red

YES! I was hoping this would be ‘King’ this week! 'Grats Tuna!

Yes! Great work, terrific design. Well done!

Congrats tg. This is beautifully drawn and designed. Love the blue!

oh bravo gent!
didnt expect this one to get first, but he deserves to be there.
woot surprises me again. now if draxxx gets second i shall have a heart attack.

Congrats on the win, the shirt looks great :slight_smile:

About half an hour ago, over AIM with my friend Mike:

Do you think tonight will bring us:
(a) a kitsune carrying a lantern in her mouth
(b) a tee shirt that would be better off as a poster that maps the alphabet to various mythological figures (A is for Atlas, E is for Eris, J is for Juno, M is for Minotaur, etc)
© something completely unexpected?”

I’m pleased to see that it’s ©!

I like the style of the blue outline. Background color is horrible. Can’t read the writing. Not for me…


congrats on the print, tgentry!!! And thank you for designing what will surely become my favorite woot shirt ever.

My favourite of the fog. Not sure whether I’m going to get it yet. Hm.

Made my day. In for 1. Love this shirt to the extreme.

Congrats, I might just have to get one. :slight_smile: Need to go count how many brown shirts I have…

Hahaha this is hilarious. (I’m Chinese and I know what the Monkey King is.) But I just can’t see myself or anyone I know in a shirt like that. We would get the “eye” from fellow Chinese brothers and sisters.

Thank god.

Now I know I don’t have to look at all tomorrow night. Congrats on the print, Travis.

Now, since there’s no way the least worthy shirt won’t place second, here’s hoping against hope that the other printable one gets third.

Nice job. I really like the blue on brown combination. It looks great. In for one.

hmmm, cool design, but this derby wasn’t really my thing. grats on the print anyways.