Sunbeam 1500-Watt Garment Steamer

$67.24 + Shipping. Mostly positive reviews.

Amazon Review 3.5 star avg. $62.95 is cheapest with shipping.

In for one.

Sorry Woot, I think I have to correct you.

The “S” in S1400 actually stands for wattS. This is a 1400 watt steamer from everything I can find.

Edit: Well then I’ll just go to bed in shame.
When I wake up I expect my leaderboard position in DW to go down a few pegs.

I’ve used a garment steamer to easily steam off wallpaper - a miserable job made much easier with steam.

I own a similar steamer and we use it every day. Very good price.

Checked with the team. They double & triple checked this. The box and the unit say 1500 watts.

I note that many of the reviews on amazon and overstock mention that the on/off switch is very fragile; in fact, quite a few reviews mention that the knob was broken when the unit arrived. Does anybody own this specific steamer, and can you speak to the durability of the switch?

I bought this a few woot!'s ago and have since thrown away my old iron. It was the first steamer I have ever tried and it has since been incoorporated into my morning routine. I’m an IT guy, shorts and a tee-shirt in the summer are normal attire and being single I don’t exactly empty the dryer out and fold everything as I should. My shirts were always full of wrinkles and I would more often than not have the time to iron them as I wake up late and hustle to make my first appointment.

This steamer changed that all. Now I turn on the steamer, pull out a shirt from the dryer, go brush my teeth, then come back and spend about a minute taking all the wrinkles out of the shirt. It is so much easier than ironing. I have used it daily since it arrived from woot! with normal tap water and it has worked perfectly with no signs of slowing down.

In a nutshell, if you were like me and trying to decide to try a garment steamer for the first time, go for it. You shouldn’t be disappointed with this Sunbeam model.

I bought this steamer on Woot last time it was offered. It’s great. Heats up quickly, doesn’t spit water, and is easy to clean. I suggest using filtered water as opposed to tap to keep it clean- it should last longer that way. Also, the stand collapses for easier storage. I was looking for a steamer at the time and the price couldn’t be beat!

How long is the hose?

I use my foot to turn on/off the steamer every morning. After over 4 months it has shown no signs of being fragile or breaking.

About 5’. Not much taller than the than the hanger when it is fully extended. The unit is light enough that if you plan to use to to steam drapery or such you could easily have someone hold it up while you reach the top.

Well, that sounds like a resounding endorsement! :smiley: Thanks!

Just earlier today I told my boyfriend that we would have to pick up a steamer next time it was on Woot…and then BAM!

In for one - will be eagerly awaiting for it to be shipped. :*

I just spent the past week fussing a storm up over 80’s era wallpaper removal, using a couple of different spray mixture with scoring. I’ve had mixed results at best and most research on the internet suggests trying steaming next.

I think I’m going to give this a shot at this price.

Okay - I live in a family with some issues with accident prone-ness (if that is a word). How dangerous are these for steam burns? Like is a steam burn possible but not probable, or likely if misused, etc? I a mom of boys. I need to know these things.

Long live wrinkles…

Thanks to the IT guys comment I am in for one! SAme ordeal for me too

Have it. Works great!
Be sure you are not wearing the clothing when you are steaming with this unit. I have a nasty burn right now from doing that last week.

I wish I were joking…

But other than that operator error on my part, it really does work great!