Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer

Bought it a few days ago (shipping) for $39.99 + $5, now it’s $44.99 + $5.

And it was $34.99 + $5 a few months before that…

Our mistake. We lowered the price to $39.99 as it should have been. If you purchased the item before the price was lowered, you will get an email from CS telling you that the difference has been refunded.

That’s the lowest price this steamer has been offered at.

Buy it!!!

Bought one a couple of months ago, I can’t count how many times we have used it. So nice to steam sweaters etc. that have been folded, resulting in wrinkles. Now we just steam them, and look perfect (well…as close to perfect as I can get!!!)

Just hit the double button to get two more for Xmas persents for our two bambinos!!!

That does it. I’m in for one.

Old WootOff used to be products we missed out on at lowered prices (the last few in stock at closeout prices). Or new items that they only had a limited quantity of, which we’d jump at since they’d never be around again.

Now the WootOff is the same prices for products we’ve seen before, sometimes many times over. Plus new products that then show up on the main page a week later.

So, what the hell is the point of a WootOff now?

I bought one of these last year…and I never could get it to work. …sent it to my father in law to check out…no dice for him either. (I’m not possitive it was the same steamer though…but I did get it from Woot…)

bring me a dyson i say!