Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer

Missed out on these when they’ve been offered before. I hate ironing and this is a good deal.

UPDATE: Currently $46.99 on Amazon w/free shipping, so you save a few bucks here.

I was hoping for a review, but I’ll be OK on my own purchasing the steamer. A Steamer is SOP in many shops, and this method is kinder (and often faster) than pushing flat, hot metal onto the item. Clothes that need pressing are part of my life and now I can prep like a pro! (The price reduction was pretty influential, too.)
If a steamer comes up again, I’ll come back with a review.

Bought this steamer the last time it was offerred on woot. It works great, much better than the steamer we were replacing. I have yet to find a good use for the second bar that’s meant to hold your pants tight. Maybe I’m just an idiot. But it works fine regardless. Definitely recommend.

Yep, pulled the trigger on this finally. Couldn’t pass it up for the fifth (more like five hundredth) time.