Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer

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Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer
$44.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Hello all. Just an FYI that this is a new model of the one that we sold last year. I have the one from last year and I will say that it does a bang-up job on Woot shirts. I air dry my shirts and the steamer knocks any wrinkles right out. I haven’t used an iron in months.

angel on your shoulder:

yeah, it’s tempting…i know. “you’ll never use your iron again”, they say. “it will take the wrinkles out in less than 10 seconds”, you convince yourself.

in reality, this thing will sit and collect dust in the corner of the room next to the iron that gets used everyday. just like mine. don’t make the same mistake i did.

Sunbeam huh? anyone have any feedback on sunbeam?

Video review from vimeo.

[MOD: Not so much a review as it is an overview.]

Pffffft. I use mine just about every day.

Same here, it is GREAT for tee shirts which is what I use it for almost every day (not this exact model by a previously woot!ed steamer). My model doesn’t have clothes hanger attachments etc.

At my house, the iron would be collecting dust along with half the stuff I buy here:

"But I swear babe! I know what I said about the pile of cedar BBQ planks, electric component dusters, Bluetooth hands free adapter and backup batteries… This is one that i’ll use! Really, just imagine, we could straighten out all the wrinkles in the pile of laundry over there, and there. Oh, and that pile over there too!

And when we are done, we can convert the closet in the a steam room! It will work… Just waiting for the next deal on some bamboo flooring…

I don’t have this make/model, but I use a steamer frequently.
Your reality is not everyones, don’t try to claim it is.

$83.95 at amazon. People also seem to like this giving it a 4.1 out of 5 stars.

I still don’t really understand what makes a steamer better then an iron… less effort I guess?

It won’t get the fabric as flat as an iron can, but it can get most of the wrinkles out a lot faster than an iron.

This is quite possibly one of the greatest write-ups of all time.

I’m tempted to count to see if there are, in fact, 1500 watts…

My steamer is on my list of top 10 best things I’ve ever bought for myself, along side a high quality chef’s knife and low voltage heated blanket. I have only used my iron once in the last couple years. The steamer is so quick and easy!

My son said, “Epic Writeup”.

I threw it into Microsoft Word to do a word count, there are in fact 1500 watts.

Almost every day here too. Business casual, and formal are much easier and quicker. Irons are better for making crisp seams - but for my needs, this is it. We bought two for gifts already, and we just bought another one for us as our exact same model broke after 2+ years of hard time. thank you woot - we were waiting, but only for a week or so.

Along with a previous wooter - this is one of our top 10 things (to make life easier), oddly, along with a dual control low wattage heated blanket, and a powered subwoofer (Pinnacle, of course!).

As a new professional, I’m hoping this lives up to the expectations. I really despise ironing.