Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer

Check out these comments for this when it was offered in April and May

Lots of Positive Reviews

Although I do not own one, I have used one extensively. Last summer I was on an Air Force base’s Honor Guard team and we had a few of these at the building. The lot withstood the daily use of 20 Airmen having to keep their ceremonial uniforms perfect looking.

Protip: Take care not to burn yourself, quite easy to do. As I found out a multiple occasions.

Great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at the O

I purchased one of these the last time it was offered on Woot and love it. So much faster and easier than lugging out an ironing board and waiting for an iron to heat up.

Not as powerful as your think. If you use it everyday or use it sparingly, it has to be cleaned with a vinegar solution (or store bought) every 4-5 weeks. Waste of time for something that is not that powerful. Going to look into a Shark steamer.

I bought one of these on a previous Woot. I don’t use it often, but when I do, it works like a dream. Beats ironing and is great for those annoying wrinkles around button holes.

Just bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday. Hopefully this helps cut down the time it takes for him to iron his military uniforms!

Try jiffy 2000 ranked #1

I bought one last year and barely get out my ironing board any more. I love it. It is not, however, ideal for pressing. Although it comes with attachments for ironing-type tasks I found them useless and put them away somewhere.

Purchased one of these for my wife a couple of Woots ago. She is an HR Executive and must wear suits at work.
She is used to the Jiffy steamers and said this one does not hold a candle to the quality of a Jiffy and gave it to a niece to use.
Poor quality and performance.

I have one of these, same brand different model. Where the hose attaches to the unit, the fixture cross-threads when you tighten it, causing it to leak. A lot. I was able to work around this by adding several rubber washers, but as others mentioned, it’s not powerful. You don’t get a “jet” of steam, more like the amount that comes from a boiling pan of water, so it doesn’t so much press your clothes as make them damp, thus lessening the appearance of wrinkles. It definately won’t make a crease.

Well I solved the wrinkled laundry problem years ago … I retired early in my Mid 40’s. Everything I own now gets folded right out of the dryer, anything that has to be ironed was dumped years ago.

(dusting off hands) as I walk out the door in shorts/tank top and wearing flip-flops.

Love it! Great for refreshing suits and other dry-cleanables or perking up draperies right on the rod. Does a nice job on shirts and slacks, too. Thinking of getting another to give as a gift.

I picked up one last time as well. Like another poster said, it does not replace my iron, but certainly is handy. I do a lot of sewing & for that I need an iron still to press open seams & such. I also use starch when I iron collars & such BUT I still love it. It heats up fast & is easy to use. I would recommend using distilled water to avoid build-up long term, but that is standard to any steamer, even your iron.

No iron for me. Fantastic. I use it every day.

I bought one of these from Woot several months ago, probably close to a year ago. I love it! I highly recommend it. I absolutely hate ironing, and this eliminates 95% of the ironing work. Some things will still look better ironed, but my work shirts look great with just steam.

I kept bragging about how I never iron anything anymore and so my mom wanted to borrow it and try it out since she had never used a steamer before. She loved it too, so I tried to get her one for christmas. Woot didn’t have any for sale, Amazon was sold out, and no one else online had this model… but after a lot of Googling, I discovered that the Singer SteamWorks Pro 1500 is the same exact product, just rebranded, and painted white. I bought that one for my mom and it’s exactly the same.

So if you’re ever desperately want to find one of these, and everyone is sold out, look for the Singer as an alternative:

But right now, this Woot deal is the best price around.

How does this one compare to the other steamer woot used to sell? I believe it was a haan.

Dumb question but I have to ask it… I bought this, thinking that I could just put a shirt on the hanger and the device would steam it. However, I have been using the attachment because I can’t figure out how to just turn steam on any other way. Does it not just send steam up from the device to steam your clothes? Are you forced to use the attachment?