Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer

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**Item: **Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer
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The gist of most of the previous comments is people love this, in fact @thunderthighs can’t seem to live without hers. I’m going to finally take the plunge and get me one.

I might still have to get used to using it but I was underwhelmed. Maybe my expectations were too high because of all the great reviews. I’m also wondering if I hung a pants hanger or something on the bottom of my shirts that I might get better results. The 2 shirts I tried were moving around so much and it took about as long as ironing. I knew I wouldn’t get sharp creases like an iron, but I thought it would be faster and therefore worth it. Also, I found out I can’t run my window a/c and this at the same time. Had to run down to the basement to hit the circuit breaker. First time in 11 years I ever blew a circuit.

I bought this during the last woot! deal. I LOVE IT! I used steamers before, being in the military, I enjoy saving my family from the wrinkle bomb. I wear scrubs for a living now and this thing heats up in 20sec. I use this robot everyday :)(we call her Rosie) For the comment about clothes moving around when you try to use it… Did you try holding the garment (away from the part your steaming) with the other hand? Everything is better if your and Octopus but there are worse set ups out there TRUST ME! It has an attachment for creasing and works very well but takes practice and I lay the pants on the bed to crease them where I need so it doesn’t swing around. I used this to steam my new duvet and it looked magazine perfect!

I bought this from woot not too long ago. I’m not an aficionado with steamers but this one is just Ok. The hanger is plastic and relatively sturdy for shirts, but I have difficulty managing slacks very well. The hose is thick and clunky, which may be expected, but it’s just awkward to use. Finally, often times I have difficulty getting a steady stream of steam. Sometimes it just hangs and nothing comes out.
It certainly gets the job done but I don’t think it’s as amazing as some people describe.

I was also underwhelmed by this product. Cumbersome and time consuming to use and with less than stellar results. I’m back to using an iron.

Paid $10 more than this when I got mine from Home.woot. Best bucks I ever spent! I hate to iron, but am willing to spend 2 minutes on the steamer to look a little more dapper for the day. I spent 10 years in retail steaming clothes, so I found it super easy to use.

I have had this one for a while now. I love being able to get wrinkles out of stuff before I wear it. A few thoughts:

As to clothes moving around, I just hold the side I’m doing with my other hand. Seems to work well for me. Takes a bit of practice but you get the hang of it.

Some complained last time that they didn’t like the hanger. I checked on mine and it can be easily removed and then you can use the pegs that stick out from each side for your own hanger if you want. Just be sure to use plastic hangers as metal will rust and get hot.

It’s not going to get your clothes starched perfect but it’s fine for 99% of the stuff I wear. I haven’t pulled out my iron in months and it was a permanent fixture in my bedroom.

Got this over a year ago on one of the woots.

  1. It’s a power hog because it has to get the water up to boiling point, so you’ll need to be careful about what other devices run on the same electric circuit.
  2. Single bachelor, so I don’t have an ironing board or iron. This saves me a lot of time in terms of getting my shirts presentable.
  3. Could probably do with about a 3 pound weight on the bottom hanger when detached so that shirts have encouragement to shake the wrinkles out.

All in all, a good steamer, but only really useful for shirts that you can afford to steam and wear at a later date.

Yeah… I have this and I use it once in a while not as much as I was hoping to because like some… I am underwhelmed with it too. I thought wow looks like a great deal why not try it? Yeah it definitely does take out wrinkles of course but it is clunky and the hose makes thing a bit awkward. I almost wish the hanger was on the other side and even that I don’t really use. I tend to just hold my garmets with other hand. I kinda wish it had a button that would let you push out the steam vs. just steam coming out all the time and then having to wait for it to generate more steam.

Ultimately I think it is just OK I mean some people are getting awesome results it looks like and others like me not so much but hey I still think for the price it is totally worth it even if all you use it for (like me) is for a really quick steaming of pants/shirts in the morning when you forgot to iron your clothes and get those wrinkles out or if you just want something fresh (as in steaming out the light odor from the previous wearing of the garment). It has potential if designed better to be great.

Got this last time around… you get what you pay for, and this is nice if you have no other options. Mine is now in the garbage.

I purchased one a little while ago. I hate ironing and this little steamer was exactly what I needed. This isn’t great for getting professional creases but it will blast a polo or pair of pants into shape in just a couple of minutes.

Something also that isn’t stated often but I feel should be noted is that this is great for hard to iron pieces. My fiancee loves frilly tops and she uses this steamer instead of struggling with the iron on the little details.

My sentiments exactly! It took longer than ironing and just so-so results. Someone once mentioned hanging a non-moveable backboard so that the garment doesn’t swing free, but not yet tried it - me designating a semi-permanent steaming location would help.