Sunbeam 1500 Watt Supreme Garment Steamer

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Sunbeam 1500 Watt Supreme Garment Steamer
$54.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Nope, not a monkey.

Can I make dinner now?

I have a washer machine for these needs

Not that I ever use it


i know as soon as i go to bed, they’ll release the Ninja

5 - 5 star ratings and $120 on amazon… looks like a good buy if youre in the market for it

Is this thing manufactured in Cleveland by chance?

for quicker back to sammich making

I think I have all the monkeys, nothing good so giving up this one…

seems good to me

it’s time to give this woot the boot

The poor (wo)man’s Segway™???

A garment steamer? Really? Wooters OBVIOUSLY have no such need for such an item - our maids and valets take care of the mundane chores.

in for 1

does it do veggies?

Will it work with my mac? Actually, I have steamed a keyboard before…

Think I saw this at the Sears Outlet the other day for $35. Even at that price, I barely gave it a second thought to buy it. Looked cheap.

how much memory does it have?

Since I’m incredibly lazy and never hang any of my clothes up after I finish drying them, they usually stay in clothes baskets until I want to wear them.

No more wrinkly shirts for this lazy bachelor! In for one!