Sunbeam 2 Person Heated Throw - 3 Colors

Amazon Reviews

I’m amazed this got such high reviews, on Amazon, considering Sunbeam is really cheaply made.

I bought one of these for my mom’s birthday and reportedly she, her dogs, and her cat all love it. I’m considering getting her another for Christmas.

These look very comfy. I usually have my home furnace set to 68 degrees and use lap blankets to stay comfortable. I also use my “blanket-with-sleeves” that I got from a prior Woot.

Not a big fan of the new colors in the forums. Makes it harder to read.

Reviews on a similar item at Sumbeam

Hope this was just some idea they came up with for Christmas colors on a temporary basis only. I though they expanded their ad space as that’s the look usually reserved for that.

I bought one the last time they were offered, and it is working well as a foot warmer (over sheet, under blankets) on a queen bed. The high setting gets VERY warm. The control cord is too short to be really handy for this use, but I rigged up something to keep it by the bed rail. The 3-hour shutoff is actually an advantage in this situation.

Costco has the smaller 50"x60" version of this for $29.99

I just purchased the 50” x 60” version of this Sunbeam heated throw from Costco (in store) last week (this one on Woot is 50” x 84” or 24” longer). Everything else looks the same. I paid $24 (it is on sale for $6 off this week). I like it a lot better than the ‘Biddeford’ model I purchased from Amazon last year.

Interesting note…in very small print is says “We recommend washing before initial use.” on page 7 of the user manual.

Just a heads-up for those looking… I don’t have this exact blanket, but a different name brand, same size.

These are 50x84…So that is 7 feet long by just over 4 feet wide. Sure, long enough to cover you head to toe, but unless you want to sit literally next to the person you share with, like as in touching/cuddling, it won’t cover side to side.

Yes, I get the romantic aspect of it…but my wife and I find it too warm after a while when we cuddle up together, and then pull it down to cool off…or one of us, me usually, gets partly exposed…

My recco, get a bigger, queen size. It’s worth it, and not much more money…

As others have mentioned, it is not really wide enough for two people unless they are kids and the control wire is VERY short. I have the control switch on the rail at the foot of my bed and use it to help heat the bed before I get in at night. The low setting is ok, but to really get any warmth, you need to use the medium setting. The high setting will heat your sheets for you rather nicely or if you like it really toasty will work for 3 hours. Mine has an auto-shutoff, so if it gets rather cold at night for you, you will have to get up or lean forward a ways to hit the control to turn it back on. I ordered one the last time they we offered. You can also use this to cover you while you are in a recliner watching the game on TV, but you will have to turn it on before you get into the recliner due to the shortness of the wire to the controller.

Bought one last time from Woot for myself. Since it’s arrival it has been commandeered by my wife, the three kids and even the dog. Yes, it’s very warm and soft! It’s a throw not a blanket, so you’ll run into issues trying to use on a bed. We use it on the coach when watching TV.
I was a little disappointed that while it’s very wide it’s not real long… So, be prepared to snuggle (not a problem with the wifey).
It’s a good purchase. I have an older Sunbeam throw thats easily 12 years old (still going strong). If I get half the use out of this one, its a deal.

Think twice about this item. Bought one for a Christmas present and it is already not getting hot. Bummer.

bought on 11/24/2014. Does not work so Sunbeam told me I get to pay them to ship it back to get a replacement.