Sunbeam 2 Person Heated Throw - 3 Colors

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Sunbeam 2 Person Heated Throw - 3 Colors
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Sunbeam is generally crap.

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I bought one for my wife the last time these were up. She loves it, so far it works great. But I would not really say it fits 2 people. It is maybe the size of a twin sheet.

That’s probably why they say “throw” instead of “blanket” - a “throw” being a smaller item.

Two people agreeing on what temperature to set the blanket at? Not going to happen in my home, sadly. I’d love to hear more 1st hand experience though, as I think my grandmother would LOVE a heating blanket that didn’t look as ugly as the “normal” ones - these look very nice in that regard. Will wait for more reviews…

I’m laying under mine (that I also got the last time these were up) as im typing this and so far its proven to work pretty well. Though I believe this is selling for less than what I paid originally on here for it.

for two, pshhh thats funny…its def more of a throw/long “blanket” then for 2 people :wink:

I see this on Amazon for $90 but also another similar model (different remote control) for only $48. What’s the difference?

Size is the difference. 50x60 for the amazon one and 50x84 for this one…

Thanks, I missed that detail.

Size. The cheaper one is 50" x 60", & the more expensive one is 50" x 84".

I got the smaller version of this blanket on woot YEARS ago, and I cannot shut up about how much I love it. It’s perfect for curling up on the couch or warming up my bed at night. (Though, as other commenters said, it’s definitely more “throw” than “blanket.”) I love it, and it’s worked great for years. I’m thinking about getting this one just so I have a bigger one.

Do not buy. Stopped working after using a few times. I got it for my son and Daughter in law for Christmas. Already not working.

I have owned a smaller version for 3-4 years now without a problem. It just needs to cover the center of my queen-sized bed between the comforter and top sheet. The comforter helps to spread the warmth around. We keep the house rather cold at night so I turn it on “high” about 5-10 min before I jump in. Then to “low” once I’m in. It’s nice and toasty at first and then warm enough the rest of the night!

Is it possible to disengage the 3-hour auto-off feature so it would stay on all night?


Some of their other models do though.

I have their queen heated blanket that I got from Woot and that allows you to set a timer up to 10 hrs and has a separate control for the man and woman.


These things are a slice of heaven whether you live in Arizona or Alaska.

When in Arizona these are nice because some of the houses don’t have any heat at all and believe it or not it gets cold in the desert in the winter. These are great for taking the chill off.

In Michigan where I live, I use it every night both summer and winter. In the summer I keep the house quite cold so it’s nice to crawl into a heated bed. In the winter, well, it’s just awesome.

It even sometimes helps me get to bed @ a decent hour just because of the anticipation of the comfort that waits! (Along with my partner, of course) hehe…

JUST BUY ONE… especially if you’ve never experienced the joy of an electric blanket.

You won’t regret it… and hurry up, only two colors are left. I had to settle. :frowning:


I want to order 3 of these but don’t want all the same color. Am I able to order 1 or 2 the color I want and then the other in the other color and still be able to get my limit of 3?

Sure can. Just pick the color you want and the quantity.
Click “Add to Cart”


Our second Sunbream throw. Bought a smaller one about 10-15 years ago and L-O-V-E it! So, I picked up this one the first time offered on Woot. It is a THROW NOT A BLANKET for a bed. Perfect for lounging on the couch. The wifey likes to snuggle with me under it, so two people can certainly fit. However, if you each want to sit on opposite ends of the couch, well then, it’s not going to work!
One person could easily cover head to toe with it and leave enough on the ground for the dog to curl up on. Irritatingly, my dog has figured out the joy of a heated throw and she usually steals it the second I stand up.
Quality is very nice, kind of like a fleece blanket. I will say it’s much nicer looking that my original. It also has an auto shut-off (I think its 3 hours?)
I highly recommend Sunbeam’s heated throws. I’m hoping this one lasts as long as my old one (still going strong).

Just to reaffirm…I had one of these re-gifted to me in 2014. It’s not that big… You’d have to get real close to that second person, and then body heat combined with this make it way to hot.

If you really want a 2-person heated throw/blanket, get at least a queen size. Worth the money in coziness, and lower heating costs.