Sunbeam 4-Tier Wire Storage and Closet Organizer

glad i remembered to google anything i consider buying on here - these overstock reviews saved me twenty bucks.

Dont ever buy these are not well built and hardly go together. Dont waste money on this you will regret it. Mine was already bent and would not go together but even if it was not bent i dont think it would have worked.

This is a shoddily built piece of crap. It comes with no instructions and it’s unstable even after you do figure out how to put it together. And to make it all better, I put 3 pairs of Chuck’s on the bottom shelf and it collapsed in. This might work for kids shoes, but apparently it can’t handle the weight of 3 pairs of adult sides Converses.

failed to read the product reviews. wasted $20, mad at woot, angry at sunbeam, hate everyone involved with making this product.

I should have read comments and reviews. These are as bad as described.

This came in an open box and appears to be missing the lighter side supports. Additionally, there are no instructions.