Sunbeam 50” x 60” Heated Fleece Throw

some of those colors are just plain f****ugly

I’d get the green one for my roommate, but I don’t want to run the risk of getting the plaid.

No. It’s 70°.

I’d get one if I could choose the color. Sorry, Woot.

I have one of these and I have to admit that it is AMAZING. Seriously even if you get an ugly color it is worth the cash. I use it to snuggle up on the couch and keep my perpetually cold feet all toasty warm!

Just say no to plaid.

I got one of these last time. It is a nice chocolate brown and for half the price in the store.

Was tempted the last couple of times these were offered. I couldn’t resist the bright, shiny button this time. In for one and hope I don’t get dirt-showing white.

Hurry, winter is almost over. Buy 3!

These are great. Heat up quickly and has a 3 hour auto shut off. I’d buy more if it wasn’t 70 F degrees this afternoon. Spring in February?

But… Plaid is the only one I want. Why ya gotta hate on plaid

I own one of these, and absolutely love it. It heats up to a pleasant temperature and stays there, and helps me cut my heating bill as I’m under it. Keep in mind it’s not that long, so it’s mainly intended to be for your lower half while sitting down, it’s not like a comforter on your bed.

It’s really great though, and the controls are a snap to use. I love it and highly recommend it.

I would buy one, but I’m 70" X 70"

I got the brown one too last time. My cat thinks it’s pretty awesome.

In for one. Plan on using it as a heated mattress pad anyways, so the color isn’t important. Best price around for this size!

$28.95+ shipping on Amazon

I have one in the office.I love it.I actually sit on it, so the plug doesn’t pull it off, and it is amazing on my butt. it keeps me toasty warm, and I can pull it over my legs so I can still work at my computer with no issues.

I got one at this price last time they were on Woot. It’s cut my heating bills down, and I love it. I lucked out and got a nice dark blue color, but would have used lime green; it was all about function not color. I’ll leave it on low on the leather couch for awhile before I lounge on it… nice!

I’ve resisted these the last bazillion times they’ve been offered. In for 2 tonight.

You’re all welcome. =P

I purchased 3 of these on the last woot off and 3 a time before that. I got all beige blankets. These make great gifts for college students.