Sunbeam 50” x 60” Heated Fleece Throw

Bought one on Woof a couple months ago to keep at my boyfriend’s house. As we prefer about a 15 degree difference in ambient temp, it has probably saved our relationship.

I have the brown and love it.

I got one last time and it is great. I honestly find the high setting too hot. But, I use it on my bed, toasting it up before I hit the hay. Would recommend it to anyone.

Wouldn’t recommend that…have one…did it…ruined it. Sleeping on it crushes the heating coils so that it doesnt heat evenly or at all for that matter.

I’ve also resisted the last few times, we still have a couple months of cool weather left here in central Oregon, decisions decisions.

I also bought two last time, and I love them. I keep one on the couch to keep my feet warm. I put the other between the blankets on my bed to make it toasty warm as I fall asleep.

I love the 3-hour shutoff because it’s just long enough to get me very warm in bed and keeps the sheets just toasty enough for the rest of the night without getting too warm, as I would get if it stayed on for longer.

Both of the ones I got were tan, but I’m tempted to get another in the hopes of getting another color (I would LOVE purple, green, or plaid).

Overall, a great purchase.

Just ordered 2. I like every color, except the white & the gray is also kinda bland, but the plaid is my favorite!

Yeah I got this one on Woot! a few weeks ago and got the plaid one not pictured here(kind of green/blue…ish). Ugly is the word I would use, but it keeps me toasty!

Love mine! I have a dark blue! Works well, smaller than I expected. But. Would buy another!

Bought two the last time these came up - they came in a nice neutral brown color, and my cat has decided that we OBVIOUSLY bought one of these just for her. This is a cat who normally curls up in a little ball… but on this? She sprawls out so much there’s very little room left on my 28x32" ottoman for my feet. LOL

One caveat - while the cord from the blanket plug to the outlet plug is a generous length, I am still trying to figure out just what the designers were thinking when they set the length for the cord from the blanket plug to the controller. An extra foot in that cord would have made all the difference… we’re finding its length pretty inconvenient.

I’m still happy with my purchase, and I would certainly order this again if I needed it.

Have one of these on right now. VERY cozy.

Note,t hey’re ‘throw’ sized, not full blanket. That being said, you can use it to heat your bed before you hop in easily.

Happy with ours… and even more importantly- so are the cats.

Im not worried about color, used for sleeping so the lights are out anyhow…got 3

We bought one the last time it was for sale on Woot. It works great but it is very small. They tell you to stretch it after you wash it, but even then it gets much smaller after it is washed.

I’m in for 2 baby! I’d rather pick my own colors, but honestly, whos going to see it? And whos going to care?!

Why not. I’ll snag one. Let’s keep this sucker rolling.

Thanks for the advice!! I’ll just toss it between the blankets then, and I’m sure it’ll still do the job nicely :slight_smile:

I don’t even care what color I get…I bought one when it was a woot back in December…I ended up with red! Lucky, I know, but now, it is so damn warm and comfy, I don’t even care if I do get the plaid! My son keeps borrowing mine, so if it is ugly, that is the one he gets!!!

all you plaid haters can work out a deal with the plaid lovers and exchange with each other.

sitting under my brown one as i type. it’s grown on me. not heating pad hot but pleasant snuggly warmth. i went away for the weekend and missed it-does that say something?

I got a couple of these the last time they were offered, having long ago surrendered the one I had to my cat, who sits on it while it is on the couch. Now, I’m sitting on the floor, covering my legs and feet with one of the new, beige ones I got the last time woot offered them. The cat has already taken over half of it, and has me pinned against the front of the couch. I am considering the ramifications of moving back to the couch and using the original heated throw over my legs. However, I’m fairly certain that this is playing into the cat’s grand scheme as it would put me directly in front of a window, making it much easier for a sniper to take me out. All the while, kitty is curled up at my feet, purring loudly, and watching me like he knows something is going to happen . . .

Oh, the heated throws? Some of the colors are funattractive, but the throws are very functional.

I’ll let you know if my cat has me killed.