Sunbeam Garment Steamer

This one will take a while… How many more until the BOC?

Anyone who buys this will regret spending the money. You don’t need it.

now I am steamed

Always a wootoff when I’m flat broke… bleh.

4pm Friday.

Use an iron… This product Sux.

Good night

Looks like I can go take a break :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I heard it was 3PM

Welp, time for sleep!

Was gonna stay up for this, but might as well go to sleep. This steamers gonna be here for a while.

Seriously, you want me to go wake the wife and ask if if she wants a garment steamer? OK, I’ll post her response shortly…

Really though, why can’t we have more tinker stuff?

Does this work on collared shirts?

YAY!! They sold one!!! Boy someone is stupid in California.

Groan… Who needs one of these? Geez… Bedtime.

These work great for anyone in the military.

NO… they DO need it… (it’ll make the next item come faster!!) LOL

Looks to be about 7-8 of them with how the progress bar moved :slight_smile: