Sunbeam Garment Steamer

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Sunbeam Garment Steamer
$44.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Can it also make steamed vegetables?

Are you kidding?

boooring. next!

This woot off is making me sad.

Can I use this to clean my carpets?

I thought it was a weed whacker at first.

Used this on my beach trip but no luck. Not very good at finding metal objects below the surface.

The price is right… for the handful of us who wear anything other than shirt.woot tees to work. :smiley: Also, those who have never learned the trick of just leaving the wrinkly shirts hung up in the bathroom while we shower.

Steamers are ridiculous. Don’t buy it. Clothes take FOREVER to take wrinkles out and they don’t STAY out. I bought one at COSTCO, a really good one and took it back. DON"T do it !

I didn’t think it was possible to offer a product I want less than short-fingered “sport” gloves.

I was wrong.

Way to go Woot!

I’ll iron.