Sunbeam Heated Fleece Throw

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Sunbeam Heated Fleece Throw
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This item will definitely keep you warm on a cold cold woot-off night.

This isn’t a wootoff. It is, however, warm and cozy!

Then it will need to be saved for next time.

So their jade is blue?

My roommate loves the room to be -27 degrees Celcius. A few of these would be lovely.

Is 17.99 a good deal?

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your freaking annoying girlfriend who is always cold.

“Turn up the heat!” she says.

“It’s already on 78!” I say.

“But I’m cold!” she says.

“Then get off the damn couch!” I say. And then she does, because that’s where I sleep now.

I really wish Woot was picking the color for me on this one. I can’t decide!

Not a lot of reviews, but at least there are a few.

Get the red one and you can use it as a cape! You’ll be the warmest super hero around–so long the crimes happen within reach of an outlet or good length of extension cord.

Mmmmm fleece… mmmmm heat… Like peanut butter and chocolate - a winning combination in my opinion.

I’m sitting here reading the story, and when I finally get to the end…



Real life Spoiler

My name is Derek and I was sure she never had a baby… Apparently she lied to me about that too…

I bought one of these at Costco years ago (for about double the price), and it’s still going strong. It isn’t as effective as a blanket or mattress pad, but it sure takes the chill out of the sheets on these cold nights.

srsly? what’s with all the southern states buying an electric blanket?

FWIW these are throws, different from a heated blanket:

-3 hour shutoff for throws vs 8 or 10 hour shutoff for blankets
-usually just one size for throws vs 3-4 mattress sizes for blankets

sunbeams are the best values in this stuff, i’m on my second heated blanket now.
be sure to unattach from power cord before washing


I just ordered a Walnut colored one. My white cat will love it. He sits in my computer chair with me. The dark color will show the white fur remarkably well and force me to wash it often as I hate lose cat fur and dirty blankets.

I have almost this model–except that I had to shop around to avoid the auto-off feature.

See, I use it under the sheets–this way it doesn’t cost $100 (as would a heated mattress cover), and it still keeps me really warm. However, I don’t want to wake up at 5am after this has turned of…

But for the first 3 hours, you’ll like this. :slight_smile: