Sunbeam Heated Throws, Your Choice

Sunbeam Heated Throws, Your Choice

I bought 3 of these on Woot, a few weeks ago. I have only used the walnut ones, so far, but I would expect the blue to be about the same.

They are definitely not the cuddle up on the couch kind of throws/material. I personally use them as “mattress” heating pads (under the sheets). The best term I can come up with for the fabric is utilitarian. I keep thinking an army blanket, but not itchy, just plain. They would be great to have to lay on your legs.

They really do warm/heat up well and wash/hang dry (not sure about the dryer) rather quickly. The plug attachment works well - I have had some where as soon as you moved your feet they would detach from the blanket, these are pretty hardy.

For the $ I think they are worth it, as long as you aren’t expecting to snuggle up in them (at least in my opinion). I personally would not give them as a gift, but to each their own.


The royal blue is a different fabric. It’s micro plush and it is the really soft couch type of blanket. There’s a chart in the description of the product comparing the two.