Sunbeam Microplush Heating Pad

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Sunbeam Microplush Heating Pad
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I purchased the burgundy color of this model back in January from Amazon for $28.

I more or less agree with the consensus of reviews, 4 stars. It does an okay job, heats up pretty quickly, has convenient settings.

It replaced the cheapo blue plastic type with the cloth cover and single sheet of fabric to prevent burns. I actually prefer the old one that got too hot and burned my skin when I injured my lower back and laid on top of it (not supposed to do that, I know). At least it got hot enough to distract my brain from the screwdriver-sticking-into-my-spine-like pain. This new Sunbeam has too much protective, comfortable padding to allow such heat to reach my skin. So, FYI I guess?

I am honestly laying on this exact heating pad right now. I purchased it (not on woot) about 6 months ago after having yet another heating pad died. It is honestly the best heating pad I have ever owned! I have a ruptured L5/S1 disc from an injury about 10ya. This is just a fantastic product and recommend it as highly as possible. Like 11/10 stars. I wish it had a slightly longer cord but that’s the only thing I’d add to it. It’s probably worth 2x whatever I paid for it, and this price might make it worth 3x that price.

( Requisite “I’m not on any payroll for Amazon, Woot, or Sunbeam.” Just very impressed with how much better this pad has been than the cheaper ones I’ve had to replace nearly annually since that injury.)

Best heating pad ever. I’ve owned many, but this pad is conforms better, heats faster, and controls temperature better than any other. As I age and get more injuries, those things are more important than when I was younger.

Highly recommended. I’m buying another. Price is better than the burgundy I got on an Amazon lightning deal long ago.

I’ve had this exact pad for a couple of years - it has been an incredible help for me, I get leg cramps in the middle of the night, and this heating pad heats up very quickly and relieves the cramp in about 5 minutes. Its temp control is excellent - the hot is too hot to leave on too long, the coolest setting is just barely noticeable. You will find the temp you like! I’m In for one or two more!

I’ve had mine for a year and a half (bought on amazon April 2015 for $40) and absolutely love it. Heats up quickly and is very flexible (for a heating pad)-- I regularly wrap my knee/shin/ankle so the flexibility is huge. Recent reviews on amazon have a handful of instances of the remote melting (which might be something to consider if they’ve changed how they make the controller or something) but mine is still going strong. Would definitely recommend.

I also have one and like it very much. Heat settings from 1 - 6.

I bought because it has a setting that allows it to stay on indefinitely, so you can keep it on all night.

It also has the normal setting that turns it off after 2 hours.

Dang it! Had this in my cart, was looking around the site for a holiday tee for myself, had to go out for a few hours, and came home to find it sold out :frowning: Was going to give this as a holiday gift, too, to someone very difficult to shop for :frowning: