Sunbeam Quartz Tower Heater

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Sunbeam Quartz Tower Heater
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Throw them the heater Woot!

Will this toast marshmallows?

These things are awesome.

$49.94 at Walmart

Two minutes ago, I said “This bedroom is too cold. If Woot has a space heater tonight, I’ll buy it.” And it did. And I did.

This is relevant to my current temperature… Well played.

refurbished + space heater = make sure your smoke detectors are working

Could you elaborate?

Good deal overall.

before buying one of these to stash beneath your desk at work, keep in mind that some commercial leasing companies (and perhaps fire marshals) forbid space heaters in their buildings citing potential fire hazards.

Cheapest place found for $46.52 on the True Value website.

Since Amazon seems to be lacking in reviews, I present WAL-MART reviews! (Mostly positive, of course.)

Oooowwww, I have one of these! Bought it for about $50 at Walmart. Really a nice heater. I love IR heat much better then anything else. Feels like the sun.

I will say that it does have a fan in the back. Not sure what it does as the heat is not ‘blown’ out of the unit. Probably there to cool something in the unit. So it does make a little noise.

Very nice unit.

Really? A REFURB electric portable heater? How cheap are portable electric heaters NEW, anyway!!! I bought 3 or 4 in the last couple of yrs because I couldn’t decide exactly which one I wanted … they’re that reasonable.

how safe would this be to have with a wild puppy in the house.

I have this same eater heating my room right now. I recommend it. works great for me

Hmm, shouldn’t this be on home.woot, instead of clogging up regular woot? Just sayin’…isn’t stuff like this why they started the new site?

4 of these would run you around $200 (new, in the store). Not sure how “reasonable” that is.

These are not heat coil and fan heaters.