Sunbeam Quartz Tower Heater

Edit: Walmart reviews posted

Froogle:Cheapest $59.33 New

Lou Brown impression

Do you want the $200 wine cellar on here instead? What’s the difference? Toggle between both.

And look at you. First wooter AND a quality post. You really are moving up in the world!

Some cultures calls the result a delicacy

I call it a portable heater, not a space heater. Any difference?

Is this compatible with my Kindle Fire?

My point WAS that the cost of a NEW one isn’t so much… I’d rather have new with good manufacturer’s warr. and that I didn’t like the idea of refurbing something like this. Seems like it could be a safety issue … generally unlike a refurb Sansa clip!

I think this is directly corralated:

‘Tip over safety protection automatically turns heater off if accidentally knocked over’

Only if you buy the $150 USB Wifi dongle.

Umm…they’re freaking awesome?

Also bought this at Walmart. Have had mine about a year. No incidents, just great heat. The only thing I’d suggest is not running a hair dryer on the same breaker. I never learn.

But it’s really great to come in and sit in front of this after a long, cold day.

It’s like being famous, but kind of sad.

Is this compatible with heating up my Big Mac?

Gotta work the ol’ mac question in somehow…

Your choice. Overall, refurbs I get from Woot are not normally refurbs. I doubt they’re returns either.

Is this the kind of heater that makes popping noises all night as it heats up and cools down?

Can I use it warm my underwear while I shower?

(NOTHING beats warm underwear)

It’s packing heat.

How much increase in my electricity bill would I be looking at assuming it gets a few hours of use every other day?

It says:
Wattage: 1500W (+5% - 10%)

Not sure what the number with +5%-10%? Does that mean 1500W is a minimum?

“Open up your law book and show me the proof.”
Here in Nevada we have Revised Statute chapter 205 (crimes against property), the relevant section being:
NRS 205.0829 “Services” defined. “Services” includes labor, professional services, transportation, cable television or other video service, telephone, gas or electricity services, accommodations in hotels, restaurants, leased premises or elsewhere, admissions to exhibitions and the use of vehicles or other movable property.

…And this Woot would be tempting, except I’ve long since discovered that that crawling under the covers naked will warm up the bed in a hurry. (/TMI) In any event, don’t burn the house down kids, but if you do, make David Byrne and company proud: