Sunbeam Quartz Tower Heater

Reviews, 4.5 stars

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Roughly you will burn a quarter ($0.25) per hour

Wattage: 1500W (+5% - 10%): Wattage will be between 1350 and 1575 watts.

if it’s a smart puppy, it will only get burnt once.

If you run this heater for an hour you will have purchased 1.5 kilowatt-hours of energy from your utility company. Prices for a kWh vary around the country but a reasonable estimate of 15 cents per kWh, all taxes included, means 22 cents per hour of operation IF THE HEATER RUNS CONSTANTLY w/o cycling on and off as it most likely will.

Another Einstein.

I’m in for one…living on lake Michigan gets realllllly cold from about the end of Nov thru April.
For 30 bucks, wont be a huge loss if it isn’t
“totally freaking awesome”

Thanks for the math. Cheaper to heat just the room I am in.

I suppose with multiple w00t accounts I could buy 20 of these to match the output of my 100000 BTU oil furnace which needs updating. If I carefully place these heaters in all rooms(NO, I don’t have a 20 room house!) and on different15 amp circuits, don’t mind switching things on/off or setting 20 ‘thermostats’, I could heat electrically for a capital investment of about $600 (plus some added circuits!) as opposed to $3000 for a new oil furnace. The $2400 saved would get consumed paying more for energy in the electric form than in the form of fuel oil.

oh, I so want to get one of these… brrrrrr… it’s cold outside.

It’s very silent save the soft whir of the fan.

sure…right after it sets your curtains on fire;-)

How is infrared different from other types of heaters? Doesn’t IR heat the contents of a room or something?

What a funny coincidence. Minutes before the site updated with this heater, guess what my fiance and I pulled out of the closet and turned on after all summer?

We’ve had this heater for two years, and it’s been outstanding.

The “thermostat” feature isn’t as useful as it sounds, though. You’re supposed to turn the thermostat all the way up when you turn the heater on. Then when the heater has completely “warmed up” (it’ll suddenly get quieter and dimmer when it’s ready), you can move the thermostat lower. Then the heater will switch on and off automatically based on that calibration.

The two different modes on the other knob are wattage control, I think. The first setting is pretty comfortable, although if you need to heat a cold room quickly, the second setting is blazing.

Also… my cat loves to lounge in front of it.

I have owned this model for a little over 6 years now. Only issues I have had are age related. The Quartz coils are starting to dim as they wear out and the low setting resister burned out after about 5 years of use. It is otherwise still holding strong giving off a lot of heat. The tip over cut off switch is very sensitive and reacts quickly to being tipped or bumped. I am tempted to buy one to replace my aging heater so I can have a low setting again. Running at high makes me nervous at night when I sleep since it does radiate a lot of heat. It very much feels like sitting in front of a fireplace on high.

I’m not an expert, but I think that all (working) heaters heat up the contents of the room they are in, to one degree or another.

The one at Walmart is NEW with 1 year warranty.

A forced hot air furnace delivers heat energy to various rooms by convection … a ‘current’ of warm stuff from point A to point B. The ‘stuff’ is the heated air with point A being the furnace. Radiant heat is, as the name implies, a form of radiation that travels relatively unimpeded through the air without hardly warming the air and as you said heats the contents of the room that are in its path; i.e., furniture, people, etc.

I’m guessing you’re thinking of oil heaters, which as the name would suggest have oil in them that moves around as it heats and cools, and if you ever move it, it gets air bubbles with then make popping noises. I’d guess this one wouldn’t although if you’re relying on the thermostat function it might make a very faint click (probably drowned out by the fan) as the thermostat turns on and off.

It works great. Much better than heaters that blow air. It can keep a 10’x20’ room heated easily. Thermostat can be adjusted to just what you want. This type is alot better than the ‘digital’ ones with 4-5 different temperature settings.