Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed Red (4)

Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed Red 4-Pack
$72.99 $153.00 52% off List Price
2012 Alicante Bouschet, Dempel Vineyard, Mendocino County
2012 Tempranillo, Ripken Vineyard, Lodi
2012 Primitivo, Lovell Valley Road, Sonoma Valley
2013 Carignane, Bartolomey Vineyard, Mendocino
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Long time since we’ve seen Suncé; last purchase in late 2011.
Enjoyed what I’ve consumed of those, but all different sources than this offer.
Specs look good, hoping for TN’s

Wow…2011? I remember enjoying the last purchase…dont remember what I got…mixed case maybe…but I remember the winery name and I wanted more…hmmmm these sound interesting…

I just checked with the “Free the Grape” site, and Vermont allows direct shipping of wine. Yet, for several years now I have been unable to buy wine from WOOT. I used to be a regular. I miss being able to stock my shelves with these good deals. What gives?

These are some fun varietals to be lumped together for an offer, cheers to the winery for throwing something interesting together.

Sunce is my favorite winery. Frane has a special touch with so many varietals. If you are ever in Russian River valley you should pay them a visit. Generous hospitality and interesting pours.
I am a member of their wine club but their price point is higher than my typical purchase. Very happy to see them here today.

HELP! I can’t check out. There seems to be a problem with the handoff to Amazon. I have tried with 2 browsers - Firefox and IE. The “Place Your Order” page constantly flashes.

Working on it!

UPDATE: Hey all, we’ve sold out the offer while our developers resolve the check-out problem.

Wow sold out!

I got some Pinot from one of their previous woot offers that was outstanding! Would love to see more Pinot from them show up…hint, hint :slight_smile:


Another frustrated Vermonter who does not understand why Woot refuses to ship to a state that is not on the “banned” list…

An appropriate answer from the powers that be would be appropriate…

Instead of…“Check free the grape”…

Well …The “grape” is free in Vermont…

And the “Weed” to be soon!!!

WineDavid - Any chance you can repeat this offer soon AFTER Easter, as I’m on a Lenten-inspired wine-buying moratorium? Pretty please?

Agreed. I’d love to try them, but no wine buying for me!

duly noted!

sorry for the hassles today.

it’s the wineries call. it’s not the best written law if I recall. not very winery friendly.

i’ll look a little closer at it and comment in world of woot.