Suncast Golf Organizer

Suncast Golf Organizer
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1/23/2015 - $53.99

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I’m no golfer but this seems pretty handy to me. What say you, woot golfers?

Reviews over at Target

I have owned one of these for almost 10 years and it is awesome. It will fit two stand bags side-by-side and three pairs of shoes and a couple dozen balls, but it will NOT fit two larger “cart bags” next to each other. Mine right now has one cart bag and one stand bag coexisting somewhat snugly.

Does anyone know if the shelves and bag base are solid sheet metal or expanded metal (allows air circulation from below)?

Have had one for several years. Love it. I use a cart bag, which stands in there with a little room for a spare club or two beside. The sides and shelves are a sort of heavy metal screen, which has held up much better than I expected. The three shoe shelves work well, with the uppermost being just deep enough for a pair of size 12s. I only use the top cubby for old scorecards and such because I keep my portable golf organizer on top (that area makes a good top shelf).

The shelves are rigid metal screen mesh.

I have this same organizer and it works well.

I keep miscellaneous stuff in the top compartment. The wife’s shoes on the middle shelf and two pair of my shoes on the bottom.