Suncast Hose Reel - Your Choice

OK reviews (2.8 out of 5.0) on model TWM200W over at amazon

Best write up ever!

Good reviews on the 225 at Walmart

Woot is selling 125ft. this is 100

I have two of the auto reels and wow they work great. No dirty hands no effort at all, once you install it. It is best to put them away in winter so they last longer. It is so nice flip the switch and wait for it to wind up and then flip switch off on roll up and turn water off. Had mine for several years just an older style and they are still doing a great job.

I bought the hydro model on here about 2 to 3 years ago and it is still going strong. No problems at all. I bought a different model at a local club warehouse around the same time, spent more money on it, and it broke within a year. I’m in for buying another one of these today from woot.

I have the hydro unit as well, looks like the same unit anyway. I’ve had it for a few years. Got it at Home Depot. Don’t remember the price but I think it was $70 or so. It’s great, get it. If you hate winding up a hose you’ll never have to do it again. Get a quality kink free hose to go with it and you’re in business. Sometimes the guide thing needs some help to keep moving but other than that no issues at all.

Wait, that’s not a tape measure at all.

Funny! ;). I took a second look as well-

What’s the price on these? Cover page says choice for $17.99 each, but when you try to choose either of the two other models the prices are $39.99 and $59.99.

[QUOTE=bsteenson, post:11, topic:390574]
What’s the price on these? Cover page says choice for $17.99 each, but when you try to choose either of the two other models the prices are $39.99 and $59.99.[/quote

bsteenson…My cover page for this/these hose reels shows a price range and three models ? ‘‘TODAY’S WOOT
Suncast Hose Reel - Your Choice
$17.99–$59.99’’ When you click on the style box it shows 3 different models to choose from but you do not see the price until you click on one. Hope this helps.

‘‘put them away in winter so they last longer.’’…not exactly sure what you mean about making them last longer but note to others…I learned the hard way that you need to make sure you disconnect the short little hose that goes from you water spigot to the real so any water inside can drain out before you have any freezes in your area. If not you stand a good chance of breaking some of the plastic parts inside the housing when the water EXPANDS as it freezes. There should be some note in your papers that come with the reel telling you about this.

225 footer is $33.86 +shipping on Amazon,
instead of $39.99 +$5 shipping here.

I’m not sure if its any different,
one is listed as TWN200, the other TWN200W
same list price of $55.99

To anyone who owns one of these hose reels, particularly the most expensive $59.99 reel. Is it better than a 4 wheeled hose caddy, which start at about the same price and up? Since I’m quite lazy, I like the idea of a reel that will retrieve and rewind it’s hose…and how does that feature work?

You were lucky. If you leave any hose connected to your outdoor spigot (aka “sillcock”) in freezing weather, you run a risk of bursting your household plumbing rather than just your hose.

And yes, you should do what you can to make sure all the water is out of your hose, too.

Also like to chime in about this auto hose reel. It’s not electric or motor powered but looks like it has a water powered winch…Worked surprisingly well for the last couple years…Still going strong even after several hard winters. This was one of my first woot purchases and one of the best. It’s the longest lasting items I’ve bought from Woot that I still use.

Just did a little research, as I’m considering buying the automatic Suncast hose reel. I found something called RoboHose, which also automatically reels in the hose. This alternative may have a few more bells and whistles but the price of this unit makes the Suncast auto hose reel an outstanding bargain. The Robo alternative costs $700 plus shipping! That’s more than $640 GREATER than the Suncast alternative.

Does anyone know if the TWM200W (the $39.99 one) will allow winding if on the ground, or does it have to be mounted on something like a wall?

Only one of the Suncast reels has rewinding and that’s the one that sells for $59.99.