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**Item: **Suncast Hose Reel - Your Choice
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7/6/2013 - $17.99-59.99 - 23 comment(s)

Iffy reviews at walmart on the Side Tracker. Mostly questioning if it will hold a full 125’ of hose.

OK reviews (2.7 out of 5.0) on model TWM200W over at amazon

Agree with conan, better reviews for Slide Trak at walmart.

Love my side tracker. Agree it wouldn’t hold 125’, more like 75’ of high quality hose. But it’s holding up great as it gets tons of use in our vegetable garden.


Amazon thinks that STA100 (similar to CTCSTA125B) is not so good – 15 out of 52 reviews are 1 star. Shipped for $29 with prime.
TWM200 can be bought for $33.86 and people seem not to like it much: more 1-star reviews than any others.
Don’t care much about RSC100, although it seems like a good deal, still more negative reviews.


Got the RSC100 in w00t when it was called something else:

It works fine, and as the reviews said, the hose guide is flimsy, but it got all the strength to reel the hose in. Maybe the guy with the negative review has low water pressure.

Is it just me or does this picture (especially at the bottom of the screen) look like a tape measure??

I got this one when woot had it before. I just put it in the garbage this week because the power winding mechanism pooped out. Once the mechanism goes, manual reeling is virtually impossible.

Purchased the hydro reel. Leaks not working. Great idea poor product. Waste of money

Pretty much all of the plastic reel Suncast line is suspect at best. I gave up on their junk and moved on to metal.

I had purchased the RSC 100 last time on Woot!. I can’t recommend it unless mine was just broken when I got it. The guide mechanism did not stay in place on the right side which made it useless. On the good side, it did that almost right away and I was able to return it and get a refund from Woot!. That part was actually nice service.

The few tries I had at it before the guide just stopped being useful, I thought it return extremely slow, I was expecting a little faster return. We do have good water pressure most of the time. It does say in the manual that you’ll use at least 12 gallons of water to reel it in.

There is no Choice, you either order the Slide Track or none at all(other choices are greyed out).
Woot is starting to go down the slippery slope.
If there is only one model to order, so state it.
I have been a Wooter for a few years and it is not the Woot of Old.

You did have a choice but you came on too late and missed out on it, I was here earlier and all three were lit up for the choosing. Things sell out on woot that is what woot is all about. If you ask me though your tardiness saved you on making a crappy purchase because suncast makes half working half durable products and based on the reviews and other purchasers from before you would have been dissatisfied with your purchase.

This thing is a piece of crap. Save your money. Mine went in the recycling bin.

How are these even deals anymore? Amazon has the midrange one for $33. $3 savings but I have to pay $5 in shipping.

I don’t want to sound like I am boasting or anything, but my hose is too long for this. It’s a curse, really …

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