Suncatcher - Axicon Rainbow Window

Suncatcher - Axicon Rainbow Window

The picture shows a bonus "Rainbow on Board’ sun catcher, but these do not come with it. It’s too bad, because I wanted the bonus one more than the main one, after reading the reviews on Amazon.

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I would contact woot customer support. Not only is the bonus “rainbow on board” prominently pictured, it is stated as included on the Amazon page for this item. (the one the reviews shown on woot came from)

why even bother writing…im not getting one now.----its MINIMAL BASIC information and they cant do that?

not nuclear fusion

I didn’t get the pictured item either.

Fixed that for you, woot.

Well, we didn’t state that it was included. We listed one suncatcher. I think they’re looking for a new photo.

You also used the Amazon ASIN (or whatever) and reviews of the product on Amazon that DID come with that bonus. Please only include reviews (and photos) for the exact model/package being sold.

That was the ASIN we flipped from Amazon. Could be they got separated or the 3rd party stopped doing the bonus. There are tons of incorrect sales on Amazon unfortunately.

You don’t say…

Speaking of which, at least Woot’s nonexistent product search is better than Amazon’s.

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Ok. On another note, my kid saw the rainbows peeking through the blinds this morning and we pulled them open to fully experience the rainbows for the first time. Cool stuff.


Just received today. No bonus “Rainbow on Board” was included, however the packing list included with the shipment lists:

Suncatcher - Axicon Rainbow Window - Includes Bonus “Rainbow on Board” Sun Catcher

So it would seem that the “Rainbow on Board” was supposed to be included… but it wasn’t.

I think woot kept all the bonus rainbow on boards form themselves and hoped we wouldn’t notice.

I have very minimal rainbows action. As my very high windows aren’t likely to be cleaned soon, I guess I’ll just be disappointed. and I didn’t get the little card either!!!

It is really disappointing. There is no way to get this rainbow pattern without the bonus card.


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