Sunce Winery & Vineyard Mixed Red (4)

Sunce Winery & Vineyard Mixed Red 4-Pack
$72.99 $153.00 52% off List Price
2012 Alicante Bouschet, Dempel Vineyard, Mendocino County
2012 Tempranillo, Ripken Vineyard, Lodi
2012 Primitivo, Lovell Valley Road, Sonoma Valley
2013 Carignane, Bartolomey Vineyard, Mendocino
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I really liked the Tempranillo. Notes to come in the morning.

Great juice! We were just at Sunce Winery a couple of weeks ago for the barrel tasting event. They are gracious folks who make amazing wine. The price on this Woot is fantastic.

let’s try this again shall we??
(hand over eyes, but peaking out)

It’s me, Frane the winemaker. I’m here if you want to talk. I’m drinking my 13 Dolcetto and my wife is having the Kilt Lifter from Moylan’s.

LW and I enjoyed a bottle of the Tempranillo on Sunday. Upon opening, there was a delightful aroma of black cherries and plums, with a hint of something more. In the glass, a deep, dark color, very rich-looking. I gave it a swirl and took a sip, swished it around, and swallowed. Then came the violation of one of our house rules: I exclaimed, “Ooh, that’s really nice.” We each try hard not to comment on wines before the other has had a chance to form an independent opinion.
No real harm done, just sayin’.

On to taste some more with our meal of pasta with my homemade marinara sauce, a few hot pepper flakes added for flavor, and some chicken sausage. The wine was a perfect accompaniment for the food, an embodiment of Scott Harvey’s explanation of why we want wine as part of a meal: “Each sip of wine clears the palate, making it ready for the next bite of food.” As we continued, I detected some additional notes of cassis and leather, with smooth tannins, and an underlying astringency reminiscent of my favorite Tempranillos, and which makes it just right with a wide variety of foods.

This wine compares very favorably with my favorite Tempranillos from Spain, and from Twisted Oak, where the winemaker is a master at crafting wonderful wines from this particular grape. If the other wines in this offer are anywhere near this good, this is a tremendous deal. :tongue:

Yikes! Have an unopenned bottle of the Alicante. Will have to post notes after work but will do it no later than 5 PT.

We tasted the 2012 Suncé Winery & Vineyard Lodi Tempranillo Ripken Vineyard the other night and were pleasantly surprised with the quality of this wine. It is produced in small batches of only 12 barrels.

On the pallet I got Black cherries, tobacco and a certain minerality. It had a long finish. It was a very pretty ruby red with nice clarity.

After 15 min of of being open, the tannins began to soften beautifully. An hour later, the aromas in the glass were heavenly and remained so, even until the next day! ddeuddeg & I paired it with some whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce and some medium Italian chicken sausage patties and a side of peas. I added a few red pepper flakes to my sauce. It worked well with this food selection.

This is a very difficult decision: to buy or not to buy? No space. No money. I’ll have to see what the other tasters have to say. :wink:

So glad I didn’t miss this when it was available for real. Sunce is my favorite winery and this is an awesome deal. I am looking forward to sharing it with friends when they visit for Memorial Day weekend.

I like the new tasting notes graphics, very spiffy.

yes indeed. though i wish they were a little more “ratty” :slight_smile:

2012 Sunce Alicante Bouschet, Dempel Vineyard, Mendocino Count

Alc 13.5%

Ok, poured a 2 oz serving at room temp, recorked, and placed in fridge for later today. Yes, I am a true warrior before work but I owe it to the community!

Brief notes:

C: deep garnet red. Light legs

A: raspberry, cinnamon, nutmeg

T: soft tannins, no detectable alcohol, a bit sour on the back end…like a sour raspberry? Very thin

I will let it ait in the fridge for later but see potential…early assessment is tha it is more Old World in style vs New…

I would guess $25-$30 at winery and would consider at $18 delivered (i have not checked prices

EDIT: on my work to work and after more consideration it is not sour but rather tart and it is not raspberry I tasted but closer to pomegranate or cranberries…a well made wine imo though jury still out if my cup of tea…

EDIT 2: 6 barrels produced (150 cases) which makes it more enticing to me and maybe some of you out there who look at these things…



Yup, not cheesy enough.

That might be a bit too ratty…

Hooray! A mixed pack that ships to NJ! Woot, if you keep this up, you’re going to drain my budget pretty quickly…

Were any of these wines de-alced?

No, never done that.