Suncé Winery Red Sampler - 3 Pack

I don’t have much experience with this wine, but I love these vintages and grapes.

This is the winery website:

They’re in Santa Rosa, CA and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t enjoy a wine from that region.

Fine … I’ll jump in. Not like I know where I can find room to put it … I just can’t stand the thought of WD’s poor girls homeless. :wink:

Always happy to see a … er, me on here, especially with a 3.47 pH, nice and low. And a good, sub-3.3 barbera too, which is another really nice wine. Haven’t had one from clear lake, so looking forward to it.

No brainer here; PS and Zin being my top two varietals, with a Barbera to boot.

Super tempting offering. Three varietals I lurv! SIWBM must stand, though. I envy those of you who jump.

The Three Winemaker’s Daughters are proud to present Sunce’s Trio of Dark, coat your mouth; make ya wanna swim in 'em red wines:

2007 Petite Sirah, Gold Hawk Vyd RRV
2008 Zinfandel, Bastoni Vyd, Sonoma County
2007 Barbera, St. Olof Vyd, Lake County

The first 12 buyers have the option to By-pass Sunce’s Wine Club Waiting List:

Just put type in: Woot12 in the Referred by Box

Interesting… how long is your club waiting list? And if it is so long, how are you able to offer wines to the likes of us measly folk?

Suncé Winery Red Sampler - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2007 Russian River Valley Petite Syrah
1 2007 Barbera, St. Olof’s Vineyard, Clear Lake
1 2008 Bastoni Zinfandel
CT links above

Winery website

Suncé on Facebook

…slow poke. :tongue:

The Club is pretty full—4,000 members, including the Futures Club and we treat them (the members) very well–the club is a super good deal and we view it as a sampler so that folks can use their discounts to secure more of the wines that they like . Selling wine outside our tasting room and wine club is a new phenomenon BUT we got caught in this FUN economy like everyone else. It’s a win-win situation—you get a good deal–we get more customers!

Just a heads up: Barbera is a grape variety widely grown in Italy, especially in the areas around Alba (Piedmonte), but the world famous Borolos and Barberescos you drink are 100% Nebbiolo.

“In the Alba region many of the best vineyard sites are dedicated to Nebbiolo with Barbera relegated to secondary location…”

^From my trip to Italy this summer. I had some wonderful Barberas in Piedmonte.

The usual question: how long can/should we hold these for? (Thanks for the immediate participation, BTW.)

Sorry about the huge Image. I copied it from a webalbum thinking it was small, but now I see its actual size is huge. Tried to edit but get error message. Oh well.

Get on and get some before it’s gone! Oh, and give us your two-cent’s worth too! Oh Lordy it’s only $57 for the 3 bottles, including shipping! It’s highway robbery I say. Little Mr. Winemaker, cover your eyes and mutter: "blahblah blah, blah, blah…take me back to the Dalmatian Coast where the ladies roam topless on t…he beach and where I can catch a fish.


Frane says:
-The Petite can go another 7-10 years–its fruit is still fresh and it’s held together with firm tannins.
-The Zin is able to mature longer-4-5 years. But our members say that our Zins age very well–some have kept them for over 10 years. I like my Zins young, though.
-The Barbera is a wine, a varietal, that has surprised me. I like them aged. I think it’s the acidity that helps them keep their finesse in the bottle. We just opened our 2003 from the same vineyard and it was FINE! The European ones go for quite a long time. I say this youngster can go 5-8 years.

-My wife loves Nebbiolo. She goes in search of Barolos in wine shops. I DO make a 100% Nebbiolo that Janae refers to as a Domestic Barolo.
-I also make a co-press of approx 50/50 Barbera and Nebbiolo—I press the Nebbiolo (since it ferments orange) on the Barbera skins. This is a trick I learned from the folks in Piedmont.
We call this wine Zemlja’s Blend (after our 6 year-old daughter)

Love this winery. Their barbera is a thing of joy.

I just wish some of the sweet wines were available here–they’ve done some nice dessert wines in the past.

I’d go join the wine club, but my girlfriend will kill me if MORE wine starts arriving.

Thanks Nightghost for posting that. Also, thank you becausehelovesus for those tales and tricks. I also went to Tuscany (and Bordeaux, Burgundy, Penedes, Requena) and had some nice wine there too.

here is another from outside Alba, on the way to Barolo (on bike)!/photo.php?pid=51238769&id=3215454&ref=fbx_album-k/TGRCmLUyjuI/AAAAAAAAAKM/P-JhDyvnbVY/s1600/IMG_0514.JPG