Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed -12 Pack

Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed -12 Pack
$129.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Mixed
2 2009 Viognier, Suisun Valley, Capp Vineyard
2 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast – W. Strycker Vineyard
2 2006 Malbec, St. Olof Vineyard, Lake County
2 2006 Zinfandel, Fountain Grove Sonoma County – “Young Buck” Vineyard
2 2006 Merlot, Reserve, Russian River Valley - Hedin Vineyard
2 2007 Syrah, Field of Dreams Vineyard, San Francisco Bay
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This is an AMAZING winery every one of these wines is spectacular. I been drinking their wines for over 5 years and have never been disappointed. this is a awesome deal.

Wow - you’ve had them all?

Can you tell us more about any of them - whatever you’re comfortable with (I’m not expecting a labrat-type report on each)?

This offer looks interesting - mostly reds (and Viognier is an interesting varietal, but not my flowery cup of tea).

I’m unfamiliar with this winery - any help is appreciated!

Speaking of the Viognier, this caught my eye: “50% Hungarian Oak—for the tropical notes this cooperage is known to impart to white varietals.”

Viognier at Wikipedia

“‘Enjoying Viognier’, a unique website dedicated to just one grape variety”

Viognier at WInePros

Hi, This is Janae, the winemaker’s wife. I’m here ready to answer any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll defer to Frane, who’s sitting across from me in the living room watching “Secrets of the Sun” on Netflix. Oh, and I sent over a voice memo for the Woot Staff to post----it’s titled: Frane Speaks.

Scoring on CT is high 80s and a 90 here and there (single reviews though). Some discussion of the Zin having peaked in 08, and scoring possibly reflects that.

Wish there was an ABV for the Merlot…

For the price, this could be a decent investment, but I’ll have to see how I feel about it tomorrow.

[edit] Priced out on CT, came to ~$280 for everything minus the Viogniere, which had no average price yet. I would say for $130, this is pretty much an auto-buy for me (tomorrow).

I’ve been buying Sunce wines for about 4 years. Currently have about 15 bottles in my wine cabinet. Never had one from them I didn’t like. The regular pricing on these bottles totals up to $444, so at $129 this is a steal.

There are several notes on the Zin, but together they don’t tell you much.

Not to be a complete jerk but there are two people who are raving about the wine within the first hour that have never posted before, any relation to the winery?

From CT this looks to be a good deal, in for one.

I can’t even find most of these on the winery website - where are you getting the prices from?

Are you affiliated with the winery?

I got some of the Sunce Zin from WTSO a while back, and it was quite nice. I don’t recall the vintage or the specifics, and I don’t feel like rooting around downstairs right now to find out. Will have to consider this offer–I have more wine than space for it, and $ is constrained at the moment. Hmmm.

Hey everyone… at under $12/bottle we are all getting a hell of a deal. I prefer to drink wines from small wineries like these… it makes me fell more connected to those who produce the wine. Can’t wait. All lit up in Wisconsin. Merry Christmas to me!

Hi. These are all age-worthy but are also quaffable now. I misstated the alcohol on the Zin, it’s actually 15% (as stated on the label) and not 13 point something. My favorites are the Cab, the Merlot and the Malbec—I like the Bordeaux varietals. All of reds wines are dry–nothing exceeding .04 residual sugar. The Viognier has .07

The Cab has a blackberry chalkiness to it that’s developing into a creaminess on the finish.

The Merlot has a black tea quality tinged with some mint and a cardboard earthiness—it’s the real deal. Merlot is my favorite among the wines we make.

The Malbec is very black cherryful with a typical fruitcakiness served with some barnyard wafting through the air. I like this one.

The Syrah is grown in red clay soil in Oakley , California. It’s the most blueberry wine I’ve ever tasted, with balanced tannins. Good for a Syrah

The Viognier is on the dry side and not cloying. It’s a pretty serious wine and can stand up to a very good Chardonnay.

The Zin is a more aged, refined type, and you can barely tell it has 15% alcohol.

ABV on the Merlot please?

I sent an e-blast to my mailing list and wine club inviting them in on this GREAT deal

I’m the owner/wife person and our website is getting a rebuild. But if you go to: the “All our wines” scroll bar in the right corner of the homepage you can .scroll down to each of these six wines

Thanks - I might never have found that.

Thanks again - that sets my mind at ease.

Can you tell me how fruit-forward these are? I can get some idea from the tasting notes, but I’m particularly unsure about the Malbec and the Syrah.

And yes, that Zin does have a lot of alcohol.

Tell me what AVB refers to and I’ll try to answer. Husband’s dozing off

ABV - alcohol by volume. And it says 14.0% for the Merlot on your website.

The Malbec is quite fruity, but it’s more of a baked black cherry fruitiness and it makes things interesting on the mid-palate but it’s the long creamy finish that reminds one that it belongs in the Bordeaux family. The Syrah is very varietal but doesn’t have any of the off-putting bad barnyard qualities that I associate with most Syrahs. This still feels like a new release to me–it has a nice newness to it. Fresh. I like it but I’m not fond of a lot of Syrahs.