Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed -12 Pack

Based on website pricing, this is a $454 value.

Previous Woot on 09/07/2010 for a Red Sampler.

Tempting…but will wait for more feedback.

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Long time Sunce fan had to chime in =) The selection of wines in this woot is beyond outstanding for the price. The fact that it includes a Hedin Vineyard Merlot makes it a real gem considering that this vineyard is no longer around or at least not available to source those grapes. I am a Huge fan of the Young Buck Zin which I find to be truly jammy with with a long fruit finish. The Field of Dreams Syrah is also an outstanding addition to this pack. I’m in for one already, may have to get a 2nd before the day’s over :wink:

Thank you Janae and Frane for making outstanding wines, see you at barrel tasting :wink:


oh right, I’ve seen that before in my 17 years doing this, it’s like SRP, AVA, TA—but since alcohol is just one word, why not just say alcohol. Yes, it’s 14% give or take…with that 1% margin of error we’re allowed

I’ve been to the Sunce tasting room on Olivet Road about 4-5 times in the last 5 years. Great spot. Warm and welcoming and pouring a vast array of wines which you can sip while playing Bocce on the court behind the tasting room.

Typically, I have found myself favoring their Italian varietals and blends. But, I have never turned my nose up at any of their wines. I have been off put by some of their pricing so at these prices I’m all in.

$478 retail at $135 w/shipping? That’s nearly a 72% saving without discussing tax. At $11-ish a btl you’re not going to go wrong.

Mr PEV, pronounced Pev. Thank you! Already gearing up for BT. The new varietals Frane added to his repertoire this year: 2010 Grenache and 2010 Alicante Bouschet both from Lodi. Also, this year we’ve made a Dry Malvasia Bianca instead of fortifying it into a dessert wine, like last year.


Can you post the Voice Memo I sent to GS? It’s titled: Frane Speaks. It might be informative and even humorous to some people.

I can’t but I passed on the info so hopefully someone can do it in the morning.

Courtesy of CJ:

So join or create one now!

I joined the wine club at Suncé several years ago, and just did an early renewal of my club membership when Hubs and I were there on December 14. Barrel tasting is NOT to be missed at Suncé! The most incredible deals on futures, and Suncé always has the best food, too!

With the exception of the Viognier, we have several bottles in our cellar of each of today’s offering. I’m not the type of person who can tell you whether there are hints of blueberry or essence of forest floor (I’ve not read that last one about a Suncé wine, although I’ve seen it at other wineries) in a wine, but I CAN tell you that Frane makes great wine.

We love, love, love visiting Suncé. There’s always good wine on the tasting menu, and the staff is so welcoming and friendly.

Don’t miss out on this offering – it’s a good one!!

Metrokane Rabbit Aerating Pourer & Rabbit Wine Bottle Stopper Set at Sellout.Woot.

Mr. NightGhost: I like the aerating pourer. I like the sound it makes; it’s similar to the sound some people make when they suck the wine through their teeth but I have to admit it irritates me, especially when they bite their lower lip while they’re doing it. We use it on some new releases in the tasting room. My sister likes to use it on any wine she pours anywhere. Me, I like to fill about 2/3 of the glass and cup my hands around it if the wine just came from the cellar, then I swirl and stick my nose in the glass, and take small sips, letting it open up in stages. It’s like drinking 4 or five different wines

But in my e-blast I put that it starts TODAY (the 27th) at 10 pm—it should’ve read (the 26th) So, I need to send a correction e-blast in the morning.

I’m not making any qualitative judgment, but it’s fair to point out that most of these wines are coming from lesser-known appellations (Suisun, Lake County, Contra Costa). That should help a producer spend less on fruit and real estate. So I guess I’m a bit surprised that the retail prices run in the $30-$40 range for most of these wines. If the producer sells through consistently given that they can’t just sell on AVA name, that’s a solid rec there.

The flip side is this might give them more wiggle room to discount.

So do the smart thing and buy futures of their wines. (Wine club members get to buy the futures at 50% off the anticipated retail price, so join the wine club if you get the chance.)

Barrel tasting is coming up – the first two weekends in March!

Yep, on the wiggle room insofar as it allows us to choose good AVAs for certain varietals and it also allows us to spend more on the cooperage, yeast, corks etc. No, on it costing us less—I do the contracts with the growers and I can tell you some years it’s a buyers market and most years it’s not. Our costs are still high because we are small and don’t enjoy volume discounts on any of our supplies like, glass, corks caps, labels, besides it’s way more expensive to hand-pick from these 1-3 acre vineyards that we contract with. BTW, we grow Pinot Noir here at our little winery/home estate.

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I e-blasted my mailing list and wine club to let them in the offer. I’m sure Wine Woot doesn’t mind the new members. There’s to your shenanigans and don’t let them hit you in the anigans

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