Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed - 12 Pack

Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed - 12 Pack
$139.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Zemlja’s Blend (50/50 Barbera, Nebbiolo Barbaresco-style Blend)
2 2005 Meritage Sonoma County Franicevic Reserve
2 2006 Petite Sirah, El Dorado County
2 2008 Sangiovese, Alexander Valley, Romo Vineyard
2 2005 Pinot Noir, Rodella Vineyard, Russian River Valley
2 2005 Merlot, Truman King’s Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
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I don’t know that I need a full case of miscellaneous red wine from a winery I’ve never heard of, but if you’re going to use Black Flag as a promotional tool I may be unable to resist . . .

Get the popcorn. Quite a few comments on this vintner last time. I enjoyed the wine but the cellar is rather full

OK, they’ve included all the stats (which look pretty decent) and some great cellaring suggestions in the descriptions. I’m right out of questions. These guys are so prolific they seem to make as many different wines as they have vines! So, all I can think of is: what did people think of the Suncé wines from last time?

looks like $10.00 more than last 2 times…

any comments from people who bought this last time?

No tastings notes but i liked all of the wine i got from them from the december woot. sorry i could not be more useful but they were good. I even liked the whites.

I would just like to point out that the wines included in this case are much different from the wines in the previous two offerings. As such, comparing the prices of the various offerings seems unhelpful.

This post has been interrupted by a Vogon snark field

well yes and no… if they’re of comparable quality, then it is more expensive! We’ll maybe have to ask the inimitable Janae how these compare with last time’s wines in taste and expense…

Over to you, Suncé :slight_smile:

thanks richardhod, that was my point :slight_smile:

what is the drinking window? drink now?

would like some winery participation!

I actually live up in the bay area and just went wine tasting here and bought 6 bottles while I was at their winery. They are great wines and produce a lot of different types of wine that all taste great but they don’t make a lot of it. I would highly recommend buying this pack. The Sangiovese is great!

did anyone else who purchased notice that the final description prior to purchasing only added up to 6 bottles not 12?

really really interested in this deal… i’m gonna sleep on it and make the decision tomorrow

That’s normal, they say. Just a woot bug. You’ll get 12, or there will be a lot of irate people! Although they might screw up. Just hope.

oh i had no doubt i would get 12, just thought i would throw it out there so someone could fix it. :slight_smile:

really wish i could have gone in for 2 cases. ah well.

Last go around the winery rep was an obnoxious boor. Not another penny from me…

I have my popcorn! My husband’s password hasn’t been reset (we forgot it from last time) So, He is supposed to do the chatting this time—the Woot People said they’d reset it by morning. But he’ll use this one for now:

Some one wanted to know the drinking window for this wines, Merlot now others two to three more years and that is on the safe side.