Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed - 12 Pack

Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed - 12 Pack
$139.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Zemlja’s Blend (50/50 Barbera, Nebbiolo Barbaresco-style Blend)
2 2005 Meritage Sonoma County Franicevic Reserve
2 2006 Petite Sirah, El Dorado County
2 2008 Sangiovese, Alexander Valley, Romo Vineyard
2 2005 Pinot Noir, Rodella Vineyard, Russian River Valley
2 2005 Merlot, Truman King’s Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
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12 for Tuesday! that’s a lot of wine… almost a week’s worth.

Oh man…

How were these? This may be just what I’m looking for…

I enjoyed everything I tried from this (I just tried the cab last night) and I wish I had the spare pocket change to spring for more today.

I bought the case when it came up last time and still haven’t popped the cork on a single one =(

So I resisted on this last time it was offered ( mainly because of the long cellaring suggestions that are listed. Can anyone comment on their experience? Did they need to sit a while or are they drinkable now? How were they, especially for the price?

I have very limited wine space in my home and a cellaring suggestion of 7++ to “as long as you can stand it” is a little worrisome…

any comments?

Oh jeez, look at all those 2005’s. Why do you tempt me with a case that has a LOT of 2005 in it? The must KNOW that it was a great year for Northern California Reds.

Wait, I fibbed, because I bought the other Sunce mixed pack. But I still enjoyed it!

I haven’t opened any of mine yet… Bottle shock recovery.
I did have a 2002 Cab from Sunce and it paired well with Easter (ham)

From what I read, these wines are better paired with food, not so much a sipping or daily drinker.

So far the SIWBM is holding, though that has more to do with the 1869 and this not shipping to NH :wink:

Best write up ever!

I bought one of these last time it was offered. My husband and I have opened two-- the Petite Syrah and Zymlia’s Blend. Both were very nice, although I would recommend decanting them and allowing some time to breathe. There has been some sediment in both bottles.

i just pulled the trigger.

last two sunce offers i just missed out because i was obsessing about yes or no. same again; then i gave in to my celebratory impulses.

hi janae. i look forward to these.

I’ve opened the Meritage and Nebbiolo blend and they are delicious and ready to drink with or without food.

My bottle of Pinot was corked :frowning: I’m considering getting another case… $12/bottle for some wines I would be happy to drink everyday.

Oh maan a wootoff! And I have to be stuck in training so I can’t monitor :frowning: hopefully we’ll get some good whites tonight!

Hi—I’ll get you a replacement on your corked bottle—can you message me?

Half of the bottles I got from the October mixed case were flawed/dead. Wouldn’t buy again. Woot solved the two bad malbecs, but it just wasn’t worth the effort to claim, wait, etc for the others.

Plus I didn’t want to seem like “that guy”.

I really enjoyed the Nebbiolo-Barbera blend last week: it has a big personality, and its Piedmont roots shine through the Californian terroir. No detailed notes - was one of several wines in a dinner & movie night lineup - but I want to say it was simultaneously smooth and fairly deep, juicily acidic (but less so than a young Italian Nebbiolo or Barbera, which would probably be less enjoyable sans food) and meal-friendly, with herbal (oregano?) notes. We had it open at the same time as a good Chianti Classico Riserva, and the difference in noses between the two wines was itself a mini revelation for some who expected “red wine” to all be relatively similar.

Had a glass of the Sangiovese last night with sausage-cream-tomato sauce pasta, and that was also quite nice and partnered excellently with the chow. A bit California fruit-forward compared to its Tuscan cousins, but very recognizably Sangio, somewhat tangy and appropriately but not overwhelmingly tannic.

Thus far it seems like tremendous value. I’ve previously dug their Cab Franc, which was a non-Woot purchase.

Hi—I’m on my husband’s log-in because I can’t find my new password. Thank you for buying—I think you’ll like these. The 05 Meritage is my favorite and it’s definitely a sipper and doesn’t need food. All of them can stand on their own, though. The Zemlja’s is my other favorite. The Petite and the Sangiovese are tied for third. The 05 Merlot can be enjoyed now–it’s close to its peak. We recently enjoyed another bottle of the 05 Rodella’s Pinot and I’m beginning to understand it more now but I think I would lean more toward our 05 Estate, Zora’s Vyd because I like the more delicate Pinots. Frane likes the Rodella Pinot for its more burgundy-like qualities.