Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed Bordeaux Library - 12 Pack

Suncé Winery & Vineyard Mixed Bordeaux Library - 12 Pack
$169.99 + $7.00 shipping
3 2002 North Coast Meritage
3 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Clear Lake– W. Strycker Vineyard
3 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Russian River Valley– Hedin Vineyard
3 2004 North Coast Merlot – Wild Hare Vineyard
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This place is down the road from me…I’ll have to pop in for a Labor Day tasting in the morning, then come back and order! While I’m not sure about these, this area makes GREAT wines, and it seems like a great deal.

All bottled 4 or more years ago, but very limited CT comments. Must have been pretty slow sellers. Makes me a bit leery of this offer.

I bought the last Sunce offering and it was great value - the Meritage in particular was fabulous. Took me two seconds to jump on this one.

Well made pre-cellared wine @ $177/case shipped? Are any of these passed their prime?

I’m glad I don’t drink wine… my budget would have one more section that needed work.

If I did drink wine, I guess is where I’d shop though… to save some dough.

Hi NMachen and Hi Wooters,

These were selected for extended cellar time to be used in flights or verticals for our wine club—sometimes we end up with incomplete end lots and not enough to complete a series. They have maintained their fruit and they are all in the reward stage right now with the tannins softening.

Suncé Winery won some awards for the previous year’s vintage.

In for 2 cases… Based on the previous threads about this winery I wouldn’t worry about it being past its prime. Their style seems to be an “old world” approach that results in wines that age well over time. Been waiting for a mixed red 12 pack forever - been a while since the Truchard tempranillo and the Harvest Moon (technically 2 bottles of white).

Screaming deal to be sure.

Not to ask the never-ending question, but what’s the drinking window? Would these last a few years? I don’t go through wine terribly fast, and I don’t want it to go past its prime!

One thing I’m always curious about, but I never see listed in the descriptions… how much wine is in each bottle? Anybody know if the actual volume of these bottles?

Seems like an important and obvious bit of information that a buyer (like me) would want to know.

I got the case on 4/19/11:
2 2007 Zemlja’s Blend (50/50 Barbera, Nebbiolo Barbaresco-style Blend)
2 2005 Meritage Sonoma County Franicevic Reserve
2 2006 Petite Sirah, El Dorado County
2 2008 Sangiovese, Alexander Valley, Romo Vineyard
2 2005 Pinot Noir, Rodella Vineyard, Russian River Valley
2 2005 Merlot, Truman King’s Vineyard, Sonoma Valley

I didn’t care for the Petite Sirah so much (though I rarely do like them regardless of the winery/vintage). Loved the Pinot and Sangiovese, and Meritage was also great. I also had a 2003 Cabernet and thought it was about an 88 (Cellar Tracker scale). The Merlot was the only bottle that I think did well without a food pairing.

We bought the last offering and took some to a party last night. On the way home, my wife and I talked about how Sunce would be an automatic if it came up again. So, here I go…

Also, my avatar looks disturbing like my old high school French teacher. Same hair! Pretty creepy…

In my experience with Wine.Woot, all bottles are 750ml unless otherwise specified. (The only non 750 bottles I have seen have been Ports/Dessert/Ice wines.)

Hi Euphonywho,


This is Janae. My husband and I tasted all four of these again tonight and we were even more pleased than we were a week ago when we first considered them for Woot. Around the campfire tonight at the Koa the Meritage was our favorite; it still has nice dark fruit with good integration of mild oak and soft, round tannins. We were surprised at its apparent youthfulness, though we thought it’s definitely in the reward stage now. This could age another 3-4 years, if you wanted. Our second favorite was the 04 RRV Hedin Cab Sauv—it reminded us of a Bordeaux; it has that undefinable finesse,balance and finish that defies flowery explanations. The 04 Clear Lake Cab Sauv was the inkiest, with a kind of charred blackberry fruit quality to it that made it seem young and its tannins are still a bit firm. Both of these 04 Cabs could lay down another 5 years easily. The 04 Wild Hare Merlot is the one I’d break into first without any guilt. The other night I thought it was a keeper and tonight I changed my mind. Sorry I’m fading…and so is the campfire.


Thank you!


Thank you!