Sunforce Solar AA Battery Charger



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Sunforce Solar AA Battery Charger 82883
condition: New

$4.99 + $5 shipping


not bad not bad… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links though… wheter you like it or not… it’s a good deal… enjoy that.


seems too cheap to work?


Do these work with all rechargable AA batteries?


$19.99 on…so not a bad deal…but do not need any more crap lying around.


how long does it take them to charge??


I bet it takes 1 week for a full charge!

Notice no such info is given.

No thanks.


How long does this take to recharge a set of batteries?


What kind of batterys does it charge? Anything below NIMH’s are not much use in my book.




And the reviews of this are not to good eigther.

“Charges up to 4 “AA” Rechargeable Batteries at a Time” So since it also has a gague on it, and I think that the bottom gague is X10 so seems up to 1600 mA


Is this only for Nicad or does it work with NiMH? I can’t find anything that specifies… I’d probably be in if it works with NiMH… (And doesn’t blow them up)

I’ve found this but it doesn’t seem to specify:


Interesting woot… but I’m not an electrical engineer. Anyone know how long it would take to charge a couple of AA’s? Assuming ideal sunny conditions, of course.

In any case, I don’t use enough AA’s, and don’t live in a sunny enough location to warrant these. Good night.


i imagine these arent going to be charging your batteries quicker than an ac charger?


Seeing as how heat reduces the life of Rechargeable Batteries, I can’t think of much of a use for this beyond extreme emergencies.


A review on a website mentioned it takes about 2 days for a full charge for 4 AAs.


Yea why not use the sun. I’m in for three.


it’s winter here so barely any sunlight

i was just about to purchase the belkin folio case too


Does it have to be in direct sunlight or can it work off “artificial” light like my solar powered calculator does? Would hate to have to put it on a window sill or not be able to charge on a rainy day. Rainy days are when you need your AA batteries the most anyway.


Wake me when they’ve got one that does AAs and AAAs.