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Sunlight Lamps - Your Choice!
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Where do you get replacement bulbs, and about how much do those cost?

Is this called a ‘Sun Lamp’ because its the same as one of those light therapy light bulbs? If so, strange that none of the specs talk about lumens…

Oh the lumens

So, $5 less than Amazon. Mostly good reviews. If only it were dimmable…

I have a “Sunlight” lamp and broke the bulb when the lamp fell over. Finding a replacement bulb has been a problem. Home Depot sent me to a bulb specialty store which sent me to another bulb specialty store who wanted $17.95 for a bulb they said would fit. Amazon has bulbs which appear identical (for around $7). Take a look at FML27/EX-D FML27EX/N by Baltoro.

I have a similar lamp and have been successful finding bulbs ongoing at Lowe’s.

I have bought the bulbs at Wally-world for $8-9, “Lights of America” branded IIRC.

Local electrical supply / lamp / lighting store has them for $5-7.

If you have the misfortune of owning a Verilux branded version of this style lamp you will find they have a proprietary socket in an effort to force you to buy their grossly overpriced version of this bulb. Simply file/dremmel or snip off the guide tabs (on the bulb base) and the generic bulb will fit and work fine, you don’t have to touch the lock tabs on the bulb base, just the guide tabs so the bulb will be fine, perfectly secure in the Verilux branded lamp socket. I have done this many times, no issues.

Decent picture here comparing the 2 bases

All set to buy one until I saw it was CFL and not LED.

Does a bulb come in the box or is it separate? The information does not say which leads me to think that the lamp comes WITHOUT the bulb.

The Features state the bulb is included.