Sunline 9-Foot Tilt Umbrella - 10 Colors

Good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

Need a base? Check out This sale

I protest Tilt Umbrellas.

Did you want to put that in the poll? :slight_smile:

how would this hold up at the beach?

Just in time for… winter?

I bought a “weather resistant” wood one for $29. The wood broke in two places the week I put it up. it was a little windy but not THAT windy…

Maybe the fiberglass is better and worth the extra $20. based on my experience with the wood, I’ll sit this one out.

Tee hee

Do these work with patio tables?

That’s when you get the best prices!

As long as your patio table has a center opening of at least 1.5". You should use a base though for stability.

Definetely avoid. We bought this when it on sale here last month and it was broken within the first week. First a small piece broke off from the tilting mechanism, then the umbrella got stuck 1/2 way open and couldn’t be made to go either up or down… so we left it that way - and finally a small wind (we don’t get much - if any wind around our home) took it and broke the metal pole in half. The umbrella was laying next to our patio table the next morning. Cheapest thing ever. Hate this umbrella.

I’m sorry for your loss. Thanks for the laugh.