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Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycles
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Reviews for the Magnetic Upright

Wow, bike riders in your city actually use hand signals? They don’t in mine. Nor do they stop for stop signs. Because, you know, being on a bike gives you some sort or miraculous right-of-way power that my towns bike riders are so sure will work that they are willing to risk their very lives to prove it. Ugh.

Bikers following the law? HA! They do one better near where we live. We have a narrow hilly state highway where people drive 60 mph (at least the legal ones do). Our bikers will ride 3 and 4 abreast and then give you rude gestures when you tap your horn or look at them. Someday, through no fault of a driver, someone will come over a hill and hit all of them, not because they are mean, the driver will be surprised and there will be nowhere to drive. I’ll give it to the bikers however, like many Americans, they have their rights (to the road).

the problem i have with hand signals is that even if a rider uses them, most drivers don’t know what they are signaling. it is confusing. for example, turning right, turning left, and stopping or slowing down all involve putting your left arm out. to add more confusion, there are other accepted signals different from those. (using your right arm, making a fist behind your back, etc.)

i would like to see bikes with turn signals (do they make these?), and bikers sticking to the rules of the road like they are supposed to. at LEAST try not to ride in a car’s blind spot, and stop at intersections (stop signs) and red lights to see if it’s safe to proceed before just blowing through, and then bashing someone’s car with your U-lock because somehow it’s their fault you almost got clipped. one way or the other, that’s the type of stuff that’s going to get you killed.

shout out to all the decent and polite riders out there that no one ever talks about, but there are just so many giving you guys a bad name.

Here is a correct link for the identical model Magnetic Upright - reviews


At the risk of perpetuating this off-topic thread (outdoor cycling vs indoor cycling), there are far more automobile drivers who do not come to complete stops at stop signs than there are cyclists doing same. Granted, the potential repercussions for cyclists are far more significant.

As a representative of the cycling community, I am purchasing one of these stationary units and I promise that when riding it, I will come to full and complete stops at all stop signs and red traffic lights I encounter.

There, got this thread back on track.

Um, I believe “bikers” ride motorcycles, and people who ride bicycles are more properly called “cyclists.” And here’s a little tip for all you frustrated motorists… just imagine that every cyclist that you see on the road is your mom or your dad or your sister or your brother or your wife or husband and drive accordingly - in other words, slow down a little bit and give them a wide berth - and we’ll all get along just fine.