Sunny Tune Ladies Tank

Maybe I will go to bed, now.

this tank sure has a sunny disposition.

wait until number 10. number 10 is always a great number to stop things on.

Going to snooze a bit. I’m sure that means something I want to buy will appear and I’ll miss out.

That’s kind of what I was thinking. I’m really not extremely tired, though. Maybe I will give it a little more time.

I’m sure, as soon as I go to bed, they will put up a bunch that I really want.

Just one more … just one more …

Welcome to the way real Woot-offs used to be. :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ll be up all night, at this rate, and all day tomorrow.

Anyone who gets this will be in a pretty exclusive club. I think my rarest shirt was LS Air.

I like having things that are different than everyone else, but I really don’t think I would look good in a ladies tank.

A few of the College Waitlist shirts only sold one copy.

My rarest is Curiosity Long-Sleeve Tee; 8 sold.

Really? That’s hilariously awful. I liked the University of Phoenix one for the irony. Didn’t buy though.

There were too many different ones.

Highly exclusive indeed! :wink:

“University of Okoboji Waitlist” would have been better, yet.

Well, for Iowans and Minnesotans, anyway.

It’s bullcrap that this is only being sold in a women’s tank style, and it’s even more bullcrap that the largest size is XL. Come on Woot…

Are you still keeping a list? And if so, may I see it?

The manufacturer (Anvil) doesn’t offer larger sizes.

That spreadsheet got retired when the numbers stopped being posted last year. It’s just that lower selling shirts can still be calculated by the sales chart.