Sunny Tune

And that is how you keep a sunny disposition.

Is the sun listening to the smiths? I love the smiths!

Is this that new Apple iCloud music everyone is talking about?

I think my daughter would like this.

This is so overwhelmingly cute I almost want to punch a puppy to balance it out.

This shirt tells the world:
Nothing will ever bring me down!

I thought that was gravity’s job.

Anyone else getting an unsecured connection at the card info portion of the site? Never had that before. Woot, perhaps you should look into this?

If I had kids, I would buy all of them this shirt. It’s adorable.

Are those freckles or sunspots?

He’s quite obviously listening to KC and the Sunshine Band.

I’m not seeing it when I go to the order page. Can you tell me the steps you are doing to get the message?

Have you cleared temps/cache? Tried a different browser?

+1 As a Kentuckian I must purchase to help support my neighbor. Well that and I really do like the design. I checked out the website all his shirts are sweet. I may have to go to a few other shirt sites and buy a ew more.

If that was a little lower, it would be a Care Bear tummy

Great literacy ad! A planetary body wearing the Reading Rainbow. Read or burn!

Buuuuut it’s not a real rainbow unless there’s a pony running down it.

She’s listening to “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life”

Aw, this took me a second to see the clouds as head phones but I have to say I really like the look of this… Now do I need to clothe my emo body in the brightest of sunshine? Hmm…

A shirt for happiness and optimism! Cute :slight_smile:

Good write-up for a great shirt.