Sunny With A Chance Of BBQ

Fablefire’s designs never fail to make me smile. A lot.

Foxy cuteness + lapin carnage brings us back to the fabelfire wheelhouse. But amusing.

I was too busy coding to get first sucker. Aww.

Grats Fable, hope you’re having fun at Califur!

Edit: Where did overnight go? Can I get this by next Saturday anymore or not? o.o

I used to buy these kinds of shirts for my 4 year old. Why do you not have size 4 and 6 anymore?

I don’t get it… does the fox like to eat burn/wet rabbit?

YAAAYYYY! Big thanks to everyone who voted! :smiley:

I think I need to add ‘Fablefire Tax’ to my monthly budget calculations…

Congratulations, Fablefire on another great win!!! I have just added another shirt to my collection.

Nice design, but sadly, not a New York State accurate forecast. Missing the one day of cold, snowy weather.

Well, his forecast is accurate for the last few weeks in Oregon.

That fits Southeast Louisiana weather perfectly, cher!

Same here. Used to buy many 4T shirts now they are always out. What gives?

Typical forecast: Rain just in time for the weekend.

I call for all new meteorologists!