Sunnydaze 10' x 10' Quick-Up Instant Canopy Event Shelter with Carrying Bag

Recent Amazon review:
“It’s impossible to open just by yourself, you have to be at least two people.”

ponders this for a moment
But if me, myself, and I do it, I would be THREE people. Piece of cake!

Do the legs allow you to only put the tent up half height?

Are there flat thingies so you can put it on pavement?
(not just spikes)

The picture of just the Velcro on a square has me curious…

Does anyone know if the top/canvas sites at many spots around the frame or only at the four corners?

My very old exhausted tent is by a company who no longer makes them. Most tents I find now only secure at the four corners, where my older one secures along the four top supports, all four corners, and three contact points on each side. Looking for a tent with many connectivity points to avoid loss in wind (yes I stake and weigh it down too). TIA