SunnyDaze Décor Rope Hammock with Stand or Fire Pit

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SunnyDaze Decor Rope Hammock with Stand or Fire Pit
Price: $84.99 - 139.99
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Condition: New


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Isn’t the picture actually the
Sunnydaze Flaming Ball Moons and Stars Fire Pit

not the
Sunnydaze Flaming Ball Fire Pit

We have corrected the photos. We are selling the 30" pit without the decorative stars/moons.

You corrected the solo pictures, but not the composite.

Fire makes Everything better…

well… really Bacon makes EVERYTHING better, but fire is a close second!!!

Does anybody have experience with the fire pit? It seems if you had a fire going for a few hours it would get hot enough to warp? Also doesn’t the top of that get covered in black soot from the fire smoke?

Most fire-pits I and my family have owned do have the mesh warp a bit with long fires. The rest of the pit normally does not.

In addition to warping, the mesh will rust pretty quickly (quicker than the rest of the pit). That is where I am hesitant to buy this one. There is one from Walmart that doesn’t have mesh on the bottom half, so if the mesh rusts out you can still use it. It is a bit cheaper too.

It does have a different concept regarding open viewing to the flame, but I would still get the benefits of the fire with a bit more durability.

The reviews on Amazon are pretty poor - very bad construction, non-fire-resistant paint, etc.

Yeah, mesh warps (I’ve never seen the exception) but it probably dents faster than it warps as you move it around and use it.
Yeah, it’ll get covered in soot. Maybe that helps it look like the paint’s not flaking off. Use gloves.

We have used fire pits for years and have never had an issue. My husband has five brothers then add their wives and children plus our family. When they all get together the drinking starts and the fire pit does as well. Even after the kids and the girls have gone to bed, the boys will still be out there into all hours of the morning with the fire pit still going and there are no issues with the pit being ruined and/or overheating. Ours comes in really handy including racks so you can grill and also a fondue area as well as the kids being able to roast marshmallows while we’re all sitting around together

Also, I have never run into a problem with soot covering any of our fire pits over all the years we have been using them.

We have a SunnyDaze brand firepit (not this one but a nice sized rectagle called the Northland). The bottom is pretty rusted so we will be repainting with high heat paint and the frame is kind of loose and pieces just sit together they do not attach. It’s easy to take apart but it also means it’s not as sturdy. I’d say it’s an okay brand for the price.