Sunpak 61.7" Deluxe Tri-Monopod

**Item: **Sunpak 61.7" Deluxe Tri-Monopod
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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as soon as it showed up for me the boc was sold out…

This think of having just one BOC per item is terribly frustrating. I’d think they wouldn’t want to piss off customers. At this point it’s beginning to get so annoying that it’s soon going to be not worth the effort.

I actually have this, or the last version. It is a great tripod. It isn’t SUPER sturdy like a $100-200 one, but it does the job and is very light. I especially like that you can attached the camera holder to the camera and then in turn attach that to the tripod. Makes it easier to put on, and briefly take off if needed.

For what it lacks in stability, it makes up portability. but it is sturdy enough for 90% of the shoots.

I went too that link as soon as it came up…

Guess I won’t be getting a Bandolier of Carrots.

I was in and at the proceed to checkout cart within 5 seconds of the link being active. It was sold out, just as a heads up for those wondering how quick you have to be…

Agreed. At least make it 20 or something. Could do it. 100 times to make 2,000 BOC’s like they used to have per time.

Then the strategy is working

Agreed. It used to be 99% junk and then someone would get a free TV or something.

I personally picked up two metal woot buckets, an andre the giant action figure, a fishing pen, a twa travel kit and a few other things. I treasure all of them. Especially the two buckets and the andre the giant.

Thank you…of the 10 posts so far, one was actually about this product and it is appreciated. Based on your info, I’m in.
Thanks again!

It would still sell out just as fast and some would still be grumbling about it not being enough.

TT. I didn’t see your answer earlier. You mentioned a while back, you did some shopping for the BoC, but the last few rounds you mentioned it didn’t make it in the bags. Do you think we’ll be seeing it this time? :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve confirmed they went into these bags. Not every bag, of course. I didn’t get that much!