Sunpak 7” Digital Photo Album

This is a stopper.


It’s as thick as a real photo album.

shouldn’t that be spelled


ugh, and I just found out a wootoff was going on too…

or not.

I kind of like the book design, but I’m not sure I’d want it sitting out all the time like in the picture.

1st woot post, FAILLL

I wish they could keep this speed up. Sure is a bore when the same item is up for half hour or more.


You didn’t miss much.

Gettin’ late…despite the incredible deals tonight I just may call it an evening.


lol i tried :slight_smile:

This is the kind of silly item you’d expect to find at Ross or TjMax in terrible blister-pack packaging, and then under your Christmas tree, and then 5 years later in a bin with other electronics and cords you used for 5 minutes and then never planned on looking at again.

GOT #3! Awesome!

seems like a novel and cool concept for an ‘album’ of the 21st century

for the record, there hasn’t been a woot-off killer in four years.

This, this ain’t one of 'em. It’s actually not a bad picture frame (for your least favorite uncle, or perhaps your third-divorced wife).

Revel in it’s nearly-real leather cover, marvel at the quality of the vacuum formed plastic case, and be amazed at the speed at which it eats AA cells.

No, no my friends, this is no killer … it’s a full on, excellent, perfect, bottom-of-the-basket, white elephant, secret Santa, gift!

One of the main reasons I love digital is that you can have all of your photos in something NOT the size of a photo album.

Kind of like the other digital photo frames and the digital photo ornaments we never opened.