Sunpak Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip Handle

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Sunpak Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip Handle
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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‘Pistol Grip’ built-in and no commentary on it in the write-up. Shame, shame, shame…back to the DG’in’ I guess…

I have a Silk pistol Grip Tripod and it looks exactly the same as this Sunpak in every detail.

Is 4 pounds heavy for a tripod of this caliber? I would like a really good tripod but I’d like to keep the packing weight to a minimum.

very unstable and the pistol grip is useless for photography. fine if you want to pan during video but of zero use for photography.

I used one twice and gave it away.

Already own, and this thing is phenomenal…functions like a serious photographer, but looks of a B.A. photographer…combined to make a seriously B.A. tripod.

I have not used this particular Sunpak product; however, on prior woots I tried my hand at a mini flexible tripod and a regular light weight tripod. Having multiples of each prior version all have broken with in one or two none abusive photos sessions.

Do yourself a favor and skip these products!

Woot, do us a favor and don’t offer crappy junk :slight_smile:

This is possibly the first non-chintzy tripod I’ve seen here. I’m not a huge fan of carbon fiber, as I’d rather just get an aluminum Bogen or Gitzo with a head, but it is a lot lighter.

It can’t hold that much though, being made of silk.

A pistol grip is precisely the kind of head you don’t want for videography (unless you have to swivel really quickly). Believe it or not, panning is easier with a pan head.
Though this is definitely not heavy enough for long zoom use, particularly since it doesn’t have a hook.

If only it were more sturdy. It will only hold up six pounds. I won’t trust my zoom lenses on that.

“A gun rack? A gun rack… I don’t even own a gun… especially enough to necessitate an entire rack. What am I going to do, with a gun rack?”


Adorama has it for sale. 8 reviews - all great. $169.95

Reviews at buzzillions

and BH Photo

and Amazon

Anyone know if the pistol grip head is removeable? If so, does it have a standard mount to accept another tripod head? (i.e. 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16, preferably the latter)

The legs might be worth it in that case.

Lol… SLIK…

Dislexia today have I

Carbon fiber is supposed to transmit less vibration from the ground than metal. Wood is still superior, but heavier.

went for it, I’ll end up putting a ballhead on it and it still still be a good deal

So, based on you breaking other brands, you assume this tripod is bad?? Agreed, there are a lot of crap tripods, but I’m not seeing your point.

The closest model I can find on the product website is the PRO 523P:

with the pdf sales page not adding much:

Service webpage: