Sunpak Deluxe Carbon Fiber Photo/Video Tripod

Woot-off killa on the second item???

Let’s see a Manfrotto for that price, heh.

woot off?

No kidding.

Are these good for holding up my spare Monopods???


Sunpak is the best worst brand in photography! Everyone needs at least three…

needs a more fluid ball head

ahh hell yeee


Ready, set… KILL The WOOTOFF! Kudos.

Will this work with my unfunny reply?

What I’d like to know is:

What is the best WOOT tracker software or website?? I’ve tried Wooters.US. Is there any other that is better?

that was quick

I work for a company that sells this for $200 + tax. This is a good price!
It’s not a Manfrotto or Bogen, but for $100 it’s a good buy!


There are worse brands (read: Chinese), but it’s definitely low-tier.

They are selling ‘Hooter-Hiders’ at “kidsWoot”!

I misread the product name as Stupak but evidently this product is just as unpopular.