Sunpak Deluxe Carbon Fiber Photo/Video Tripod

About $180 at B&H in New York, the lowest I could find. However, don’t know much about the quality, much prefer the Manfrotto/Bogen tripods (good value and very solid) or Gitzo (more $ but top quality in all respects).

Thanks - do this the night before my last day shift, I have the next 5 days of - WHY NOT THEN?!?!?!?

Do they come with matching Cooter-Hiders?

I took some blurry photos today on a sunpak! Why bother with a POS? I’ll wait for the BOC.

I second this, I’m flying out tomorrow at 5AM, couldn’t pick an even better time woot O.o

Dear Woot.

I believe you have hacked my bank account. How else would you explain why you have woot-offs ONLY when I’m broke. Why, woot, why?


Aren’t these usually only a penny or something like that? Or am I thinking of another tripod…

Now where is that ever growing how-to guide for woot offs that gets posted?

about time! Great tripod, but I like the walking stick kind better!

No sleep tonight thats for sure. I guess my hot date tomorrow will understand if i fall asleep while watching a movie with her.

Had a different model Sunpak Tripod about this price and never again. I was aware of how…poopy they were. There are certain things you can go for budget but don’t make the same mistake I did and get a real Tripod - Manfrotto or Bogen.

It’s very well worth it. Avoid Sunpak.

The only same item listed on eBay is:

$299.95 with Free shipping

Item # 300350297254

It’s good to have priorities.

it went down and then back up

Ha! You said poopy. Oh, Gawd, it’s going to be a long night.

This is good if you need to hike a million miles to shoot birds.

Bad if you need something to resist wind, vibration, etc.

The date couldn’t be THAT hot if you’re choosing Wooting over ****ing.