Sunpak Deluxe Carbon Fiber Photo & Video Tripod

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Sunpak Deluxe Carbon Fiber Photo & Video Tripod
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Tocad Sunpak PRO624PX Deluxe Carbon Fiber Photo & Video Tripod

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i need a laptop =[

$90 tripod? this should go quick.

I’ve got plenty of mini tripods, not sure if I can handle a full-sized one!

I’d like a really nice carbon fiber tripod, but they are always too expensive.

Is this one worth the price?

I bought a tripod last woot-off and only paid $8.99. What could make this one so much more expensive?

They call me Tripod…


thats an expensive tripod

good price… pro level equipment.

Don’t know about the tripod (I’m full up on them, myself; got any monopods, Woot gods?), but I actually loll’d at this writeup. It’s not a tripod: IT’S A WIZARD.

Manf PDF spec sheet

Manf website


Made of carbon fiber and professional grade.

Same reason anything else carbon fiber is expensive. It’s much lighter than aluminum, so you can carry a higher-capacity tripod to places where you could normally not deal with the weight, like camping.

I may be in for one…

Unfortunately, I just missed this one.

Dang! I would have liked this one!

Grrrrr I have been wanting a decent tripod for quite some time and they keep putting these up at the 4am time :frowning:

Damn! A $250 tripod for under a hundred and they have 7 of them at 3am.